Sunday, December 28, 2008

Prayers for Baby Stellan!!!

UPDATED 12/31/2008: After going to the Dr. once getting home from their trip, Stellan was admitted to the Childrens hospital where they live. He was near the need for intubation and a central line, however he is now doing much better. Still on Oxygen but "movin on down" to normal room soon from ICU. He was diagnosed with severe RSV. Praise God that he's doing so well!

UPDATE: Baby Stellan is out of the hospital after an overnight stay and they are on their way home. The doctors don't believe there to be any relationship between his tachycardia and his former heart failure in utero. Praise God! Poor little guy just has a really bad cold apparently. He'll see his Doctor tomorrow at home. They are on their way home now.
Please say a prayer for MckMama's Miracle Baby, Stellan. They are out of town at her parents and Stellan was having breathing problems, tachycardia, low oxygen sats, etc. Went to E.R. and they are determining whether it is a bad cold, RSV, or whether his heart is giving him may recall his story from previous posts...He wasn't supposed to live and SURPRISE....(really no surprise to God), he did live and MckMama hasn't stopped praising God for Stellans healing. So, just wanted to ask that you say a prayer....

If you'd like to check out her blog, visit

Thanks for your prayers.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Manger Scene

The Manger Scene...that's what it's all about. I'm confident from this drawing by Harrison, that he gets it! Sure, he's a 7 year- old boy who eagerly awaited Santa's coming down our chimney Christmas Eve (so eager in fact, that he was awake from 2:30 to 4:30 a.m. ready to get up and not the least bit happy that I refused!!!). Despite the eagerness, Harrison knows why we celebrate CHRISTmas.

This is his rendering of that night long ago in Bethlehem, when Jesus, The Saviour of the world, was born. Notice the detail...there is a star, which led the wisemen bearing gifts from afar. There is an Angel, which spoke to the shephards keeping watch over their sheep. There are camels and a bale of straw. There is a stable. And, there are Mary and Joseph. There is a manger, and there IS a Baby Jesus!
And no, he wasn't looking at a manger scene when he drew this picture, which I am going to laminate and treasure forever!
And on a humorous note...please notice the second Baby Jesus...TWINS!!!
CHRISTmas for the Collins family was indeed a wonderful day! Christmas Eve, after a family Christmas, we attended Christmas Eve service with both my parents and Aarons Dad and Step-Mom, and we were glad to have them with us. Bedtime came for me at 1:30 a.m. (only to be woken within the hour)...

Of course, CHRISTmas morning was delightful! It was always fun, but this year I was really filled with joy to watch my two babies come down the stairs (Yes, we let Harrison carry Hayden down the stairs since we were standing right there, this is not normal...but it was a photo op!)
Once again, Santa was good to all, whether we deserved it or not! Harrison is out hunting now in his new duck/goose hunting blind (what every 7 year old puts on their list, and indeed he did). He also got a Nintendo DS as well as other goodies. Perhaps the most fun for him was helping his baby sister!!!

Ok-maybe not!
Mysteriously, Santa also put a Wii under our tree, but our painting services are required in exchange!

Miss Hayden received her first baby stroller! She is fond of her new gloworm and other fun toys! Santa also brought her practical things...diapers!
The kids also received a "Gift Certificate from Santa" for a new kitty cat in the spring. This was on Harrisons' list ... " a new citty cat becaus mine dide"
It was a great morning! W spent the afternoon relaxing and playing with new toys. I even let Aaron and Harrison go out for a quick hunt Christmas afternoon...I am such a nice Mama/Wife! Christmas evening was spent at the Collins' Christmas at Aarons parents.
Aaron received this fabulous Argyle sweater which he surely adores! Now, I, being the slightly more trendy one in our marriage, like argyle. But Aaron, well, if you know him, he is NOT the argyle type and likely never will be. So, really this gift was a joke, which he promptly wadded up and threw at me! I will say he put it on later for good measure but declined a photo...

And this is definitely going to be framed on my desk. I sure do love these two, along with their Daddy! What a wonderful Christmas~I am so blessed and thankful!
Our Christmas is not over as we will celebrate with my parents, sister, and her family on the 30th. I love to extend the season as long as I can! That is exactly the reason that I don't send my Christmas cards on time (*wink,wink*)

Merry CHRISTMAS to you all!
May you all remember why we celebrate...the Nativity!

Monday, December 22, 2008

NOT-ME Monday!!!

Here we go again! it's Not-Me Monday time again. Play along with MckMama and all her friends and find out how normal you really are!

This week while at the Indianapolis Childrens museum on a first-grade field trip I DID NOT ONCE AGAIN forget nursing pads! I DID NOT "spring a leak" during "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" play and immediately stick my daughters sock, well, it was a beaded sock, into my bra. I then DID NOT replace the beaded sock, which left indentations, with a torn in half maxi-pad! I certainly DID NOT want to explain to the 6 and 7 year old girls, who watched as I "purchased" it, exactly what I got out of the machine, why I needed it, and what it is really used for, when I stuck in my quarter! Can't say I'm ready for that yet--good thing Hayden is only 8 months! I am NOT so very forgetful, and it is NOT even worse since having baby #2...(I'm convinced dementia is setting in early!)

While having family pictures done this week, I certainly DID NOT feel a warm sensation and realize Hayden had peed on me- she was naked for some nakie-baby pictures (see previous post)...the rest of us were clothed-I promise!

I DID NOT hear my son ask if he could photocopy his "butt" on my work copy machine! I have NO idea where he would get such an definitely was NOT ME! I would NOT have ever introduced him to the idea of photocopying yourself on the work copy machine...and my son would never use the word "butt", as I have always, well I have always tried to refer to it as his bottom.

It is NOT absolutely freezing here in Indiana (2 degrees yesterday with harsh wind)...and I DID NOT run around without a coat anyway repeating over and over the phrase "I am not cold"! (try it- it actually kind of worked, perhaps because my brain was frozen!)

I did not hear my son singing my very own rendition of "Deck The Halls" which goes like this..."Pass the Prozac, Pass the Xanax, fa la la la la la la!" Who would sing such a song within hearing distance of a child!

This certain child most certainly DID NOT play a practical joke on me by taping the water sprayer of the kitchen sink in the "on" position and calling me into the kitchen. I did NOT fall for the practical joke and I did NOT get absolutely soaked! (He had a little help from his Father!)

I did NOT just totally forget a Not-Me that was just in my head and now, POOF! it's gone! Daggone it- I think I need Gingko Biloba, isn't that supposed to help your memory?

Oh, here's one...I DID NOT hear my son reply when asked "What is your favorite Christmas ornament", that his favorite was the one when Mommy and Daddy were skinny". My child would not say such a thing about his parents changing body size...need I remind him that he was the start of it! (Now, truth be told, this happened last Saturday at our family Christmas, but since I didn't do Not-Me this week, I'm including it in this week because, well, it was stinking hilarious and he thought so too!)

I am NOT nearly flipping-out over all the things left to do...wrapping, cookies, shopping, laundry (and more laundry, and more laundry), food-fixing, etc.

Lastly, our family DID NOT have a great evening visiting the jolly guy in a red suit the other night where we got this picture! My children were NOT both absolutely perfect sitting on his lap...wonder what next year will be like!

Well...what did you NOT do this week? Come one, help me out and make me feel normal!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

She's not gonna be a Happy Girl!

Isn't she beautiful!

See now, why I put bows in her hair often? If you didn't know, you couldn't tell-boy or girl...but we know she's all girly girl!.....for now!

It's so cute to have rolls...when you're a baby...not so cute when you're an adult!

There are those sweet bibs again!

I love the way she opens her mouth and "kisses" me and I'm so glad we have a picture of it!

Yep, she's gonna be very unhappy with me one day! Kind of like how Aaron was unhappy with the fact that his parents took a picture of him naked with a rubbyducky in the tub with gigantic glasses on his face (The hunt is on to find that picture, I'm laughing just visualizing it!). Maybe she'll be unhappy like Aaron was when he saw that picture posted at his Senior After-Prom (1994) in a "name that senior" game!

My how time flies...she can't be 8 months already. I remember thinking..."She'll be 8 months at Christmas" and that seems like just yesterday. They grow too daggone fast. I hate it! I love it! Oh....I don't know how I feel!

She is so cute! Her new thing is that when I hold her at the computer desk, and so far only then, she bites my ear! It's so funny because she begins by examining it with her tiny fingers, bending and twisting, then going in for the "kill" on my poor little ear! It's too cute! Last night when I told her no, she made this evil little laugh. How can I be seriously teaching her "no", and laughing at the same time? Well, I'm sure I've done it before with Harrison...many times! Hayden is trying to learn to crawl. She gets up on her hands and knees, occassionally moves forward a bit, and then lays down. I really hope she's slow to crawl, slow to walk....then she'll seem like she's still a baby! Last night, she woke several times before I even made it to bed. Each time, I ended up holding her, swaying and rocking, ahh....I could just stay there in her room cuddling with her. She takes those tiny littly fingers and rubs them on my face gently, then WHAM! She picks my nose! Not literally...but her sharp little fingernails nearly send me through the roof when she scratches just right! Back to the sweetness of cuddling her...I LOVE IT!

Christmas will be here soon! This time of year is so busy that it is hard to really focus on why we celebrate! This is a conversation between Harrison and I the other night....
Harrison: Is God married?
Me:No, God is not married.

Harrison: Well, what about Mary? (I'm very proud that he made the connection that since Jesus is Gods Son, then he must've been married to Mary, His mother.)

Me:Joseph and Mary were Jesus' earthly parents and God is Jesus' Heavenly Father.

Harrison: What's a Heavenly Father?

Me: Ummm, let's have Papaw Kemp explain that to you....

So, later we are at my parents house and I ask for Dad to explain to Harrison.

After he explained...Harrison replied "still don't get it!" ...neither do I, you know. It's hard to understand how God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit...not only when you're 7 yrs.old, but also when you're 32! I guess that's called faith!


At least I didn't get the question Aaron got this week...about why bucks chase does!!!!! Would've loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to that conversation!

The above photos were taken by Joel Cookston and I'll post more in the days ahead....they're awesome, so if you're near us, I know you'd be pleased with his work!

Check out this little stud, who happens to be the BEST BIG BROTHER EVER!!

I'll be back soon! We're off to visit the big, jolly man in a red suit! Oh, and we might have to do some shopping while we're at it!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Not-Me Monday!!!

So, I seem to only blog on Mondays....NOT ME! Yep, it's time again for MckMama's free therapy carnival. Read on to find out what I DID NOT do this week and visit MckMama's blog to read what others DID NOT do as well!

I do not feel much pressure to complete these not-me mondays...with the huge following I have out there reading my blog...*wink* (quit lurking and leave me a know who you are!!!) I do not feel that I will let them down if I don't do this! goes, better late than never....

I did not beg my husband to drive me to Kohls Saturday night at 8:00 pm, in the snow, just so I could spend my $20.00 Kohls Cash that was expiring that evening! I would never risk our lives (that's a bit dramatic) just to get a discount!

I did not look at my messy house many times this past weekend and just not give a lick! Dirty dishes did not sit in the sink so long that a strong odor became apparent....I always have a clean house!

I did not start to get out the Christmas decor and just not have the "umph" to decorate yet! That said, I did not feel like I might go crazy with all the "help" I was receiving from my 7 year old son with what little decorating I did do! I did not buy my baby girl a PINK Christmas tree for her bedroom and watch her brother decorate it with dalmation and fire hydrant light covers...don't worry it won't last cause I'll get my groove on soon enough and "girl-i-fy" it as soon as I can get to Target to get the cool ornaments I saw a couple weeks ago!

I did not send my son and (3) neighbor boys out into the cold to play yesterday, only to watch helplessly as they came in, freezing, dropped all their snowy and wet apparel in my mudroom (4 boys worth of coats, overalls, boots, hats, gloves, melting snow and dirt)...I would never have a near panic attack at the thought of all the dirt and muck in my mudroom. I certainly did not just try to RelAx and forget about it.....really I'm trying....hard. to. let. it. go!

I did not just make my Christmas picture appointment tonight! I will not be late AGAIN with my Christmas cards... I can not just take a picture like everyone else does because that would be too easy and I do not like to put added pressure on myself to be different. I would not do that!

I did not get a little miffed when I noticed that Merry Christmas was no longer on my schools website, and it now said Happy Holidays. I did not proceed to call a few people, send a couple emails, and nearly have a freak-out session about what the world is coming to, only to receive an email this morning saying that the saying rotates between Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. (Not sure how totally true this is because a reliable source told me that someone did complain....about Merry Christmas! and therefore it was changed)....

I did not once again haul basket after basket up and down the stairs this weekend of "stuff" that belongs somewhere other than where it is! Those many baskets do not sit waiting for me to empty their contents to their correct places while I continue to sit and play on the computer! Not me, I would always put house work before play time!

So my goal this NOT post some more pictures on this blog of mine! Hopefully patient...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I most certainly did not.....

I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since my last post. Last week, I just couldn't come up with any Not-me's. I sometimes think I need to carry a recorder with me so that when I DO NOT do something, I can just press a "record" button and tell the recorder so I'll remember. My life is funnier than I can sometimes recall! The last two weeks have been so chaotic that I just haven't had the time to think about blogging. I've been keeping up on the ones I follow, but just not doing my own- bad girl!

Well, I have come up with some not-me's this week and I hope you enjoy. I'm sure some of you reading can certainly relate, however any male reading, most certainly will not, so, males, read at your own risk!

Thanks to MckMama for hosting this fun, free therapy for all to enjoy! Check out her blog to see what she and MANY others DID NOT DO this week!

While helping at my sons Thanksgiving Party at school this week I most certainly did not realize shortly after arriving that I had forgotten to "pump" on the way to school (yes...I am known to pump while driving) Soon thereafter, I did not lean down to help my son with his craft only to hear him non-chalantly say "you're leaking", quite loudly, as he pointed to a wet spot on my shirt and then without hesitation continue on with his project. I most certainly was not slightly embarrassed and extremely cautious not to lower my arms and press too hard the rest of the party in fear of having a lot of explaining to do to a group of first graders! Nope, not me! It is Not my son who is entirely too educated on the subject of breastfeeding!

I most certainly did not leave home on black friday at 4:00 a.m. and not return until 7:27 p.m. (fifteen hours, 27 minutes...if you're trying to do the math) I did not leave my husband at home with the children while I shopped til' my hearts content in slight "revenge" for him leaving me with said children for 4 days this week to go hunting in Missouri. I would never seek any type of revenge against my hubby. Not me! While shopping on black friday, I did not win a contest at Target for the correct guess of the number of checkouts and I was not totally excited to win a gift bag full of food!

It was certainly not me who ate an entire Entemanns coffee cake (which I won in my Target bag) in two days. It really wasn't that big, but it wasn't me that finished it off before hubby came home from work this morning, and tucked it in the bottom of the trash can so that he wouldn't see it! No, that wasn't me either!

I did not watch as my 7 month old pulled herself up to standing position in her crib yesterday! She can't be this old already. I do not really want another baby and I am not at all mentioning this fact nearly every day in hopes of swaying hubby's feelings on the idea.

So, what did you not do? Tell me or tell everyone else. If you have a blog, visit MckMama's blog to find out how to join the fun!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not-me Monday!!!

Therapy time everyone!!! What did you NOT DO this week. Visit MckMamas' blog to find out what others DID NOT DO this week- I tell ya what, it makes you realize how normal you really are- which is a good thing!

Once again, I can not remember lots of the things I DID NOT DO this past week. The days go by too fast and my mind is too busy to remember. But, these few things made an impression on me, mostly #1....

I did not rock my already 7 month old daughter to sleep one night, with tears running down my face, thinking about how the time has flown. She should not be 7 months old already, she was just born. I do not think daily how my children are growing so fast. I do not wish time would just stand still. I do not breathe in every smell wishing I could remember it forever. I do not delight in every moment, seriously most every moment, wishing it too would never fade from memory....

I did not begin to cry during communion at church Sunday when I saw a newborn, thinking how I really don't want to be done having babies. The fact that I may be, does not hurt at all....

I did not wear baby spit-up all day, every day this week. My sweet little lady is not the biggest spitter-upper I have ever known, and it is not even worse now that she is eating foods that have color.

I did not promise to go eat lunch with my 1st grader today, only to wish later I'd not made that promise, as I didn't want to get out in the cold.

I did not join facebook this week. Need I say more...(see previous post) I am not totally excited to be finding childhood friends, and I did not send my brother-in-law a "virtual pancreas" via facebook just for fun!

I did not begin another project inside my house, with so many unfinished. I would not do that. I do not feel a need to be changing things in my house often.

I did not totally enjoy a Mom's night out with friends from MOPS this week. Every Mom needs those fun nights of laughter and fellowship.

And- true confession time, I did not borrow $ from my 7 year old this week to get by til payday. (shhh...don't tell him!)

Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have succumbed to PeEr PrEsSurE

I have succumbed.
I thought only high schoolers had facebooks.
I was wrong.

After a Mom's night out at MOPS, because of tremendous peer pressure from grown women, I came home and set up a facebook.

Can you spell a.d.d.i.c.t.i.o.n.

I don't have time for this addiction.

But so far it has been fun. I am finding people from my childhood, which was my main reason anyway. I have found many people, except the one childhood friend I wanted to find. She is not there....I did find my elementary school friend that I wrote a "novel" funny!!!

So thanks to Denise, Tiffany, Marj, Claudia, Deanna, Cathy , etc. for getting me addicted.

Gotta go- facebook is calling...oh wait, I have children to raise. I did inform Aaron that he needed a facebook- that will probably happen when hell freezes over :)

Monday, November 10, 2008


Okay- so I'm new to this blogging thing...since I cheated and started early and posted another post since then, my NOT ME MONDAY is one post down after all the pictures...sorry- lesson learned.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just a few Pictures for your Viewing Pleasure!!!

Here are a few pictures - really, just a few :) - The first are of our trip to Cincinnati over Fall Break. They had halloween festivities Saturday night including
a costume contest and trick-or-treating.Hayden LOVED the water. She liked going down the small slides with
her big brother holding on tightly!
Can you guess who the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Butterfly are???
Hayden just looked too cute in this picture! Notice how well she is sitting up these days!

I sure do LOVE these two! "Me want more babies!!!"
Hayden just loved helping out with the pumpkin carving. We decided the pumpkin insides would make a nice she tried it out and wasn't too thrilled.

Once again, we had to videotape Haydens first pumpkin carving- can't let her down.
The finished pumpkin product....You can't see it in the picture but our pumpkin is probably the only one around that has a fork sticking out the side...don't ask- just one word- Harrison.

I was glad Halloween fell on a Friday this year.
It wasn't so rushed and we were able to take it slow.

This is Miss Hayden after our very first stop...

it's gonna be a long night for her. Sleepy Little Butterfly.

Since 6 month olds can't have candy, Hayden was given a doll baby from Papaw and Nana Kemp that used to be mine. She seemed to like it. I can't wait to watch her "mother".

Papaw and Nana Kemp with the kids. This was our last stop of the night. We stayed and played Wii Fit and had dessert. Lots of fun.

These next 3 are my attempt at Haydens 6 month pictures- I am going to attempt to do some editing (specifically the spit-up on her sleeve) and see how they turn out. I love her bibs soooooo much. The day I took these pictures, she and I had been to Holiday Mart in Indy- everyone, and I mean everyone commented about how cute she was and how stylin her little bibs were. I'm glad, because I spent lots of time obsessing about them :)

I love her profile.

I know I'm prejudice, but isn't she the cutest little doll baby!

So- now I believe I am up to date on my photos. Just in time to take MORE!!!

Not- Me Monday!!!

Well, it's that time's NOT ME MONDAY courtesy of MckMama who hosts this blog carnival every Monday. I am beginning to look forward to it each week and this is only my third time. It is fun because every time something crazy or silly happens in my life, I think "This is definitely a NOT ME MONDAY item"!!! Hope you enjoy and get a good laugh, as I'm sure many of you can relate.

This week, amidst other crazy things I can't remember I most certainly DID NOT....

Unzip my Bible (actually Aaron opened it because I had little Miss) at church only to find a diaper stuffed inside. I'm sure God doesn't mind, at least I had my Bible at church because that doesn't ALWAYS get accomplished since having baby girl! I only have so many hands and I am NOT disorganized at all- NEVER!!!

This is one I'll forever remember...probably this will be my best memory of this election season. Get ready for a laugh, believe me, I wish I had video footage.

This is the in the house with Hayden. Harrison playing outside with 3 or 4 of the neighbor boys...HERE GOES....if you know me, it's best to close your eyes and visualize (well, you can't close your eyes and read at the same time)

Harrison comes running in the house yelling "Mommy...somebody just took our sign" (McCain/Palin)- note that this is the day after the election.

"What?" I think to myself..."Nuh uh, nobody is getting by with stealing MY election sign, even if they did lose" (visualize me doing the head-shake when I say "nuh,uh!!")

So I most certainly DID NOT proceed to...
1. Hand baby girl off to a boy (not sure which one)....I did think to myself- oh they'll be okay- I'll just be gone a sec.
2. Jump in my mini-van (Yep, I love my mini-van- I'm only 32 and on #3 mini-van)
3. Pump my fist out the window and say "GO MOMMY GO" only to hear the chant repeated by many boys, one of which is holding my 6 month old.
4. Race down the road (country road, speed limit 45) in pursuit of the red dodge with 3 teenage boys in it who "stole" my sign
5. Continue to speed down the road, calling my neighbor to tell her I just left my baby in the boys possession...."Oh, they're good with babies" she her calming voice.
6. Follow the truck apx. 4 miles eventually catching up with it, honking horn repeatedly, motioning for them to PULL OVER because I WANT MY SIGN BACK!!!! All the while 2 of the 3 are on their cell phones, potentially phoning the police to report a crazy "OLD" lady chasing them (after all, to a teenager, I could be considered old....)

So, now I know you're wondering what happened....
WELL......(drumroll please)

The boys pulled over and I pulled up beside them and asked if I could please have my sign back.
They were with the republican party.
picking up signs.
i just made a fool of myself.
i'm probably being talked about in high schools everywhere.
i recognized one boy.
he said he didn't recognize me.
thank God!!!

(my only question is this...why do they need the sign back???)

Now, after this excitement I definitely DID NOT race home and start my NOT ME MONDAY post just a few days early!!!!

Have a great week....
Join the fun, go here, follow the rules, and share what you DID NOT do this past week. TOP THAT!!!!

Disappointed, Sad, Frustrated, Angry, Scared...that's me!

Well, I knew it was going to turn out this way and I have so many thoughts going through my head right now.

I am disappointed, sad, frustrated, angry,and scared. I just feel like I could puke. I feel like I could cry. Not because of defeat, just plain sadness for our country.

Perhaps I should warn you before you start reading. I am a conservative republican. I don't hide this fact, I am not at all ashamed. So, if you voted for Mr. Obama, you may not like what I have to say but since this is MY blog, TOUGH TIDDLYWINKS!!! :)

Honestly, one of my fears is for Mr. Obama. I really do fear that his life is in jeopardy. That is sad for his little girls. That is sad for our country. If something does happen to him, what will happen in our country. Will there be a civil war? So many questions, so many fears.

I am SO mad, because I feel like just because people wanted a change from President Bush, they supported Mr. Obama. Who was the inexperienced candidate in this election? Mr. Obama- Lucky us- Now he gets to "learn" on our watch. Very scary.

This election WAS an issue of race. Who can deny this? Many whites voted for Mr. Obama, but how many blacks do you suppose voted for Mr. McCain? I guarantee that it was very few. For me it was not an issue of race, I'm just simply stating what is obvious to me.

The fact that Mr. Obama had such support of the young voters is very disheartening. It makes me wonder where our country is headed even years down the road when I am old? Where have all the morals gone?

I DO NOT trust this man. I question where his campaign funds came from. I question who he associates with or has associated with. It's appalling to me that he was a member of a congregation led by an anti-American "minister". Because of his associations, he could not be in the FBI, CIA, etc. YET our country has elected him to be the next President. AMAZING!

I could seriously go on and on and on and on about this but what good would that do?

As my boss states so often.... It is what it is.

So, at this point, I pray that Mr. Obama leads our country in the right direction. I pray for a change in his views. I pray that he is protected from harm. I pray that God works on him. I pray I am proven wrong. I pray for unborn babies, for mothers who will chose to abort, for our soldiers who have given so much for our country and now probably for no "victory" when we withdraw. I pray for children who will be raised in non-traditional families. I pray that I will be able to instill my morals in my children- all while having to explain to them how our country ended up the way it is. Again, I could go on and on.

I have a song that plays on my blog titled "God of this City" by Chris Tomlin.
If you want to listen to it, scroll down to the very bottom where the music is listed in a blue box, and click on it. The words to this song have been in my head today, knowing that no matter what God is in control.

"You're the God of this City. You're the King of these People. You're the God of this Nation, You are"

So, if I truly believe that, then I must be at peace with the outcome. God is in control. God has a plan. One day, His plan will be revealed.

God Bless America!

Monday, November 3, 2008

not me monday!!!

It's NOT ME MONDAY TIME AGAIN and thanks to MckMama who is the talented blogger who came up with the idea, here goes... This was kind of a boring week!

Speaking of MckMama, I DID NOT get to "witness" one of God's modern-day miracles in the HEALTHY BIRTH of MckMama's baby, Stellan. (See previous post for info on WHY this was a miracle!!!)

I DID NOT just send a last-ditch e-mail in an effort to positively change or further solidify the choices that some will make at the polls tomorrow. I am NOT so very passionate about the abortion issue that I will NOT risk any good reputation I may have, to try to change someones mind.

I DID NOT "talk aggressively and vocally" to an older "gentleman" (I use this word lightly)- who became angry with another Mom and I who crossed in front of him in a parking lot. Apparently, he didn't know that pedestrians have the right-of-way. I DID NOT act like I was 16 again! NOT ME!!!

I DID NOT go to the grocery late Tuesday night (got home at 1:00 a.m.) and get up early Wednesday morning to prepare a dish to take to MOPS, only to realize that this wasn't a MOPS week!

I DID NOT sleep til' 11:15 on Thursday. (IT FELT REALLY GOOD!!!)
I DID NOT win my first "bloggy give-away" this week- what fun!!!!!

I DID NOT encourage or allow my son to sport this haircut to school this morning. I DID NOT tell him that if anyone says anything about it (good or bad) to state the following: "My Mommy said I could only keep it for a few days" because I am NOT one of those Moms that looks at other boys with this hair cut and says NOT MY CHILD!!! I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT allow my Dad to perform this haircut... and by the way, I don't know where the hand gestures come from- I think the neighbor boys...

So, what did you NOT DO this week? (What did you really do, but don't really want to admit? Come on, join the fun, it's free therapy!!!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Please be in prayer for my blog "friend", McKMama, who is having baby #4 tomorrow morning. Read what I've attached below to get caught up on Baby Stellen...

MckMama is a wonderful Jesus loving mommy to three kids, ages 3, 2, and 1. Tomorrow she will be delivering her fourth! Here's a quote from her blog about this special little guy: "He [Stellan] was quite unexpectedly given to us, and even more unexpected was his diagnosis of heart failure: Premature Atrial Contraction at 20 weeks; Supraventricular Tachycardia, hydrops, and intermittent advanced secondary heart block at 23 weeks; and enlargement of the heart at 32 weeks. We were told at 24 weeks that he would surely die. God performed a miracle and MckMuffin is still with us! The doctors are unsure about what will happen to our baby when he is born. But God is not unsure!! We are praying for MckMuffin's full healing, but we know that God is good no matter what He decides."

Please pray along with me for this family....and if you'd like check out her blog at

Thank you.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Very First "NOT ME MONDAY"

I am so excited to be entering into the NOT ME MONDAY world! It's going to feel so good to confess all the things I didn't do....

So where does NOT ME MONDAY come from? Well...There is a great Mom named "MckMama" who has a fun blog and I am addicted to reading it. She's having baby #4, Stellan, in 2 days. We are all praying for a healthy baby boy, as he's had some heart issues, but as of late he has been looking good. She does this fun thing called NOT ME MONDAY - it's basically a confessional of all the embarrassing, unbelieveable, funny things that we DID NOT do ( which actually we DID do)- so it's kind of like opposite day. I can't wait to join the fun, so here goes....

This week I most certainly DID NOT do the following:

I DID NOT send my son to go to school without underwear, only realizing this after he had boarded the bus... I DID NOT see his underwear lying on my bed when I returned to my room
when I DID NOT go back to bed!!! (Boy, do I enjoy those last few minutes of snoozing)- I DID NOT pray all day that no little girls would pull his pants down at recess- which apparently was attempted at the beginning of the school year)

I can't believe that I DID NOT drive to the barn with my dead cat, MIRACLE- God rest her soul- in a trashbag on the roof of my van. I DID NOT drive VERY SLOW so that she would not fall off....poor kitty!

I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT stick one of Aarons socks in my bra to serve as a makeshift nursing pad when I ran out one morning (I know John, my bro-in-law, this is way too much for you to handle!!- but I LOVE IT because you actually read my blog)

I most certainly DID NOT buy Harrison something at the aquarium only to buy Hayden a mere postcard for her scrapbook. I DID NOT say "She's the 2nd child"....NOT ME- I'm a second child- I Would NOT do that!!!!

I DID NOT give in to Harrisons pleads to eat a Nutty Bar for breakfast simply because I didn't feel up to a fight.

I DID NOT allow Harrison to say the "B" word just one time after he read it on a bumper sticker. I DID NOT decide to let him say it just so he wouldn't want to - I DID NOT tell him to never say it again!! (Mom, Dad- I really did tell him never to say it again....)

I DID NOT awake Thursday morning to Aaron and Harrison telling me that their treestand broke with Harrison in the tree and Aaron climbing up (they usually use a safety harness but didn't have it on yet). I DID NOT hear them tell me that Aaron fell to the ground, jumped up, and caught Harrison in a 16-20 foot fall. Sidenote- Praise God that they weren't hurt because this could've been VERY bad!

And lastly, I DID NOT think all week about what specifically I was going to admit to NOT doing!!! I DID NOT think after every time I DID NOT do something stupid that I could put it on my NOT ME MONDAY- I DID NOT obsess about it!

Is this fun or what? You can join the fun next Monday!!!! However, there are things I still can't bear to admit....I have a ways to go!

A great weekend!!

We had a great "mini-cation" this weekend ~ the first as a family of four! We left Friday morning and went to Cincinnati to a Sheraton that has an indoor water park. We had a fun time there, of course Harrison loved it and Hayden REALLY had a good time! It was so fun to watch her splash and kick her feet. We even took her under a couple times hoping that she'll continue to love water the way Harrison has. My first time down one of the enclosed waterslides I hit my head on the bottom of the pool when I came out of the tube~ so it was my only time down the slides! I let Aaron have the pleasure of repeatedly climbing the stairs to the top even though I could've used the exercise~ I had to take care of Hayden of course, so it wasn't the stairs or the pounding in my head that kept me from the slides.... I really did delight in watching both of them have such fun. That night, they had some special Halloween events like trick-or-treating, coloring and costume contests, pumpkin painting, etc. (We are holding out for a win in the costume contest so we can go back to the waterpark again)

Saturday morning we slept in (well, we tried but Harrison kept on his school schedule and woke up earlier than we would have liked). After 2 illegal U-Turns, We made it to the Newport Aquarium, which was lots of fun. Harrison liked the penquins and otters the best, and I have to agree. He'd been there once before, but didn't remember that trip *he was still in my belly :)~ * He thinks he can remember it though! On the way back, we had to stop at Bass Pro Shops for the boys and I treated Hayden to a new pair of $10 shoes ;) SO CUTE- she really needed them! really....

We went back to the hotel and swam- all of us- Hayden again loved it but what was the best was her laughter watching Harrison and some other boys playing in the pool. It is HILARIOUS and I LOVE to watch her take in everything her big brother does. We need to start impressing on him how much of an influence he is going to be on her.

Saturday night we went to IKEA!!! It was our second time there- Okay, let me re-phrase. Hayden and I went to IKEA...Aaron and Harrison stayed in the van watching hunting movies for a while and then joined us towards the end. We had a nice meal at Max and Ermas (our favorite) and then came back to the hotel arcade $$$$$. They did have a Deal or No Deal game and my favorite Skeeball !!! In all we came home with fang teeth, a parachute sling-shot, a care-bear figurine, and a "pop" toy- don't want to think about what those little pieces of plastic cost us- but oh well, making memories........oh, and we got another "eye patch" too!

Before bed last night, I was feeling in Haydens mouth and discovered her FIRST TOOTH was peeking through (SOBBING) baby is growing up.

Sunday we left and drove to Jeffersonville, OH to a Pottery Barn outlet. I left with two wipeable baby bibs- all that they had and that's what I walk out with- disappointing- so for all of you who think I am a shop-a-holic >>> I am a bargain-a-holic and apparently there weren't enough bargains for me there!

Got home around 4:30- boys are goose hunting and Hayden just finished a jar of prunes-- yummy!- glad I work tomorrow and won't have diaper duty!!!

I plan to post some pictures from our weekend but for now, use your imagination because the camera is in the van and it's too doggone COLD and WINDY!! Fall is in the air!

Be sure to check in tomorrow for my first NOT ME MONDAY!!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My first Video Blog!

I posted this a few weeks ago and then backspaced and deleted it. I couldn't get it to load again after that....I was ticked to say the least! Thought I'd try it again and it worked. ENJOY! This is Miss Hayden laughing at her awesome brother- he gets the best giggles out of her! She adores him and vice-versa- for now at least!

Long Time No See- I mean No Blog....

Yes, I know it's been 15 days since I last blogged. I have a problem...I think that each time I blog I have to post a picture and that takes more time than I have some days. I'll try to do better. I tell ya what tho- this blogging IS addicting. I am getting "into" the lives of people I don't even know. Pretty soon, I'll not be able to make fun of Aaron for hunting with guys he met on the internet (hee-hee!!).

When I read some of these blogs I am reminded how blessed I am. If you want to get addicted too, simply click on the "buttons" on the right hand side of my blog and read-on! There are many families out there going through verydifficult times that need our prayers. The bloggers that I am following show extraordinary faith in times of adversity. I hope I could do the same, but pray I never have to.

So, what have we been up to- you ask???

Well, of course we had to take a trip to the pumpkin patch. And of course it was Haydens inaugural pumpkin patch trip so it was a family affair complete with video cameras and two..count em'...two cameras! Did I mention that one camera was dead when we got there and the other was dying? Talk about frustrating! I guess we Moms have to learn to accept the fact that things aren't going to go as planned-not just sometimes...NEVER. I have to face it that I'm not going to get the perfect photos I dream about and that the kids aren't going to be perfect with smiles on cue! I guess I'll have to try again...poor kids!

Yep- posed perfectly!!! NOT!!!

Like I said, smiles on cue! NOT!!! But, note the adorable on!

I just thought this one was kind of cute...

Harrison and his choice!!!

About those adorable bibs Miss Hayden is wearing...this has been another of my recent obsessions. I knew what I wanted but it was a matter of finding them and ETSY to the rescue. It was so fun. I got to pick my fabrics and suggest certain "features"- it was like playing Project Runway! Anyway, they are SO CUTE and I will certainly be getting some more pictures of her in them and hopefully she'll be wearing a smile in those pics.

Hayden had her 6 month check-up. Petite and short, with a big head- just like her brother when he was a baby! At 6 mos. Harrison weighed 15 lbs. 14 oz. and she's 15 lbs. 2.5 oz. and doing well!!! She is eating her toes, sitting pretty good, and trying to get up on all 4's. It's just about time to batten down the hatches and put away anything non-childproof. Here we go again! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!
We suffered a loss in our family this week. Miracle, our kitty since shortly after we got married, got killed by the neighbor rat terrier! So, we've had a funeral and shed some tears over losing her...and just when she was starting to become a good "mouser". Now all the mice in the neighborhood will probably move in!
We got a good report on Harrison from his parent/teacher conference this evening. Needs work on listening skills (imagine that) and time management (takes after his Mama) and "he likes to let the teacher know when other kids are doing things they shouldn't) that's teacher talk for TATTLE TALE! I guess that is normal at his age. His football season was over Saturday. He had a great year showing great improvement over last year, but he is very competative so I believe that is going to be a continuing challenge for us all.

I will be starting to participate in "NOT ME MONDAY".
Simply stated, NOT ME MONDAY is a way to "confess" all that you "didn't do" (wink, wink) in the past week. I've already got my list started so you'll not want to miss it because some of the things I "didn't do" are doozies!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Feeling Bloggalicious!!

So- what do you you notice anything new about my blog? Yes- I am learning to do a few nifty things. I love being able to be a little creative with it. Now if I could just find some cute, free template with flowers or something I would be all set. You'll notice the music...In the upper right corner are little calendars that say how old Harrison and Hayden are (personalized to my farmboy and girly-girl)...Let's see, what else- oh my list of blogs that I follow. I tell you- it is addicting. One blog leads to another. It's a great way to see how normal you really are!

We had a yucky weekend- snotty nose time is here at our house- and Aaron had the stomach bug- so we spent much of the pretty weekend inside. I actually didn't even go to Hancock County's fall social event, Riley Days- not even one time! (what is happening to me?) We did finally manage to get the TV hooked up (another thing off the never-ending to-do list)! I feel a sense of accomplishment (even though I didn't do it).

Hayden "enjoys" her first veggie - green beans- yummy! Harrison did a nice job building a Lincoln Log Cabin all by himself!
Lastly, tonight Hayden fell asleep in her highchair while having her cereal. I saw it coming as it gradually became harder for her to keep her eyes open. It took me back to the day when Harrison did the very same thing. Where does the time go? (SOBBING) By the way- the bowl is really NOT as big as her head!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This is too funny not to share with my blog-followers... Take a look at what happens when I take a phone call while attempting to give Hayden her cereal (I say attempting because she was not interested in it tonight)....

Big Brother is the culprit of this huge mess! Like there was any doubt...
This just absolutely cracks me up!!! She's like "what on earth has he done to me- is this some type of baby facial???"

Here she appears totally disgusted with this 7 year old human....

I finally attempted to begin developing all the pictures I've taken since Hayden was about 3 weeks old or so...they've been sitting in my camera and now that I've gotten my albums (I have to have the same album every time and once again ebay came through for me and I finally found them). Today at walgreens I managed to print 55 of them- there were many more but I tried to be reasonable and not print them all because on my other memory card, I'm up to 500+ pictures that need reviewed and chosen for printing. I love pictures!! I have to have the real thing tho- I can't do just a CD. Harrison loves to look at photos and I'm sure Hayden will also. My goal is to be totally equal (Harrison has 13 albums of pictures so far)....I've always given my poor Mom heck about how there is less of me in photos and videos so I vow that I will keep equality between my two children :) I also have found the album that I want to put all of Haydens "birth" and hospital pictures in so that is now on the project list!

I must confess that I have a new addiction! (Add it to the list that includes scouring ebay and etsy, diet coke, and McD's choc chip cookies) My new addiction is looking at other peoples blogs!!! I've read some real heartbreaking ones tonight- ones from families who have lost babies- they are families that knew that their babies would not live outside the womb for long- without a miracle- yet they chose to carry their baby instead of terminate. I am so thankful to my God that He blessed me with two beautiful, healthy children. Yet, deep down, I am fearful that in the blink of an eye that could all change. So, every day, I pray for the safety and health of my children, husband, loved ones, and for people I don't even know. I don't know how I could endure what many of them have endured...but in reading them there is one constant and that is that they all love God and lean on Him through all their sorrow.


I'm going to get political for a minute. I know things aren't good in our economy...I know we are in a war in Iraq that is proving very difficult to get out of...I know all of this. This is the thing tho- bottom line for me- I will never vote for someone who is pro-choice. I will always vote for the candidate (running for any political office) who will fight to protect human life beginning at conception. I will always vote for the candidate who will fight to protect the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman. This past weekend while at Wal-mart in the line, Harrison noticed the PEOPLE magazine with Clay Aiken on the front (do you follow me?) He wanted to look at it because it had a picture of a baby. Being that he is becoming a very good reader, I could not let him look at it. This angered me so much- you bet PEOPLE got an editorial e-mail from me! I am not ready to explain these things to him even though I know the day will come- just how do you explain this lifestyle to a little one? Let me be clear, I am not the judge of anyone who chooses to live this way- so please don't think I sound hateful. I know that God loves everyone. And lastly... Harrison was about 3 weeks old on September 11th, 2001~ and what those evil people did that day changed my life forever. Therefore, I am all for doing whatever has to be done to protect our country from future attacks. At the same time, I am thankful for those who serve our country and help to protect us and their families who also sacrifice while their loved ones are serving.

I think that's all my rambling for tonight. Though I don't write nearly as well and eloquently as some the the bloggers I'm following do, this is a great way to share my life and simply say what I want to say. I've gotten several emails from people saying they've read my blog but I would love for you to leave a comment. To do this you simply click on the "comments" link at the end of the entry. Leave your comment and just select anonymous- you can sign your name to your comment so I'll know who you are- or if you disagree with me, you can remain anonymous!!!

Have a great night all!

(by the way- I promise I will quit entering such long entries- I just like to talk- so therefore, I like to blog!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Let me tell ya bout' the Birds and the Bees


I am having a horrible time keeping up with this blog thing! It seems like the only time I can find to do it is late at night and then there is always something else to do. I should make it a goal to do it every night that Aaron is at work....okay- that's my goal so we'll see how long I can keep it up- and like any of you reading this really want to read about our lives every 3rd day- except maybe the Grandparents!!!

Speaking of the fact that there is always something else to do...I know I'm not the only one who feels like the work will never be done, probably because it won't be! I look around my house and there are soooo many unfinished projects...

1. things I'd like to do (these are usually the things I can't afford to do)
2. things I need to do (like finish my bathroom mini-remodel that started when we had a water leak several weeks before Hayden was born and she is now 5 1/2 months old),
3. things I want to do (i.e. scrapbooking!!! AND "fall -a- fy" my house)
4. things I HAVE to do (laundry, cleaning, gerbil-duty, and occassional cooking :) )
5. things for AARON TO DO!!!! (he insists his list is never-ending!!)

So, now that I have that off my chest- I feel much better!
Now, on to my beautiful children!!!

My son surely knows more about women than any other 7-year old boy I know! He's seen his fair share of Mama's "ta-tas" since little sis came along...and he kind of knows how babies are born. So, the other night, while I was nursing Hayden, he wanted to cuddle too. The conversation went something like this...
H- "Someday, I'm going to have a baby and breastfeed"
M- "No, boys don't have babies. But maybe someday your wife will breastfeed your baby"
H- " Why?"
M- "Because God made it so only girls have babies" (this is the part where I get stupid and try to educate)
H- "How?"
M- "Well (I think for a moment- what have I gotten myself into this time?)....
A Daddy makes a little thing like a fish, called a sperm and a Mommy makes an egg.
The sperm swims to the egg.
H- "How?"
H- "WHEN???"
M- "Well....when a Mommy and Daddy cuddle.
H- "WHEN???"
M- "Well... sometimes at bedtime.
I'm surely blushing by now. Luckily something got his attention and the conversation was over!
I can't wait til the next time- we'll probably have to pick up where we left off! Seriously tho- if we can keep the lines of communication open, don't you think that's a good thing????
Harrison got a 100% on his spelling test this week and his reading amazes me! He's also very talented at writing letters backwards. He can be writing them perfectly and then all of a sudden make a backwards "d" or "b" or even "g"- now that's talent!
He is doing great at football- took a cleat to the face Saturday and lived to tell about it!
TRAUMA....some of you know this already...but for sake of memory keeping-
Harrison came to me Sunday night and said he had a bubble on his tooth- OH NO!- it was an abscess. To sum it up- he had a molar pulled on Monday! Took it like a trooper- not one tear- great lady doctors in Fishers who do a fabulous job. Root Beer flavored nitrous oxide helped a lot- and as traumatic as it was for Harrison it was more traumatic for me when given a choice of who he wanted to stay with him- he chose his Daddy!!! I am still in shock over that whole thing!
Hayden has been very verbal this week! It is so fun to listen to her. Yesterday she talked all through Wal-Mart, my hair appt., and blood draw (just like me- she never runs out of hot air!- that's my girl!)
I wish she were sleeping better- she spoiled me at about 8 weeks. I'm hesitantly getting ready to start baby foods- I know you have to feed them and all- but that just makes them grow and I have a really hard time with my babies growing up!
One other observation, she is really starting to reach for things- specifically my diet cokes (addiction) and chocolate chip cookies from McDonalds (another addiction)! Once again- that's my girl!!!
I know this is horribly long- that's what happens when you only write once every 12 days! I'll try to do better, but I hope at least you got some laughs if you made it all the way through this entry! I know you're disappointed that I'm not posting any pictures, but I'll try to in the next couple days- next time Aaron is at work!
On a serious note- I AM grateful for all God has given me- really. I mean, I get to do my laundry at home- and not lug it to a laundrymat. I have food to cook (sometimes), and I have a healthy family that I do all this for. That is just a snippins of all I have to be thankful for. As I re-read this post, I seem to be complaining and I want to be clear- I am not complaining- well maybe just a little....LOL!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Grandma Loves Breastmilk!!!

Just had to share a funny story....
Tonight Mom and Dad came by for a few minutes and I decided to give Hayden her cereal.
So, Mom was holding her while I spooned it to her and a little dropped on Moms hand. Before I knew it, Mom was tasting the cereal , at which time she said "I'll taste it" to which I replied "uhh, it's mixed with my breastmilk!" You probably had to be there but it was kind of funny! I think Mom was a little grossed out- I said "oh I have to blog this" and of course she said "oh no." Then Harrison wanted a taste, but I refrained!!!

So, heres to you Mom, lover of my breastmilk!!!

Mr.GQ and his Adorable Sister

Okay, so I just had to post a few pictures from Haydens 3 month photo shoot. As you see, we did some of everyone and I wanted to show off a few of my favorites. It was very hot that day- need I say more... She's actually about 3 1/2 months- funny thing- with Harrison I had to be TO THE DAY on everything and that hasn't happened with her and I'm trying not to stress about it!

Doesn't this just say "I am ornery"

This one was Harrisons idea- I love the differences in the color of their skin.

Yes- these are our feet- beautiful I know- but I think it's cute! Oh the things Aaron does for LOVE!!!

One of the four of us- I wish Hayden were looking but none the less...

I love her little tongue sticking out! I'm sure this is just the first time she'll stick her tongue out at me!
Now- this is what I mean when I say "Mr. GQ"! Harrison was so photogenic- I think he should model!

My little flower child! Hayden is going to be famous for her flower headbands. Those of you who live near us have seen them! They scream "I'm a girly girl!" for those who say "He's so cute!"- even when she's dressed in pink!