Monday, December 8, 2008

Not-Me Monday!!!

So, I seem to only blog on Mondays....NOT ME! Yep, it's time again for MckMama's free therapy carnival. Read on to find out what I DID NOT do this week and visit MckMama's blog to read what others DID NOT do as well!

I do not feel much pressure to complete these not-me mondays...with the huge following I have out there reading my blog...*wink* (quit lurking and leave me a know who you are!!!) I do not feel that I will let them down if I don't do this! goes, better late than never....

I did not beg my husband to drive me to Kohls Saturday night at 8:00 pm, in the snow, just so I could spend my $20.00 Kohls Cash that was expiring that evening! I would never risk our lives (that's a bit dramatic) just to get a discount!

I did not look at my messy house many times this past weekend and just not give a lick! Dirty dishes did not sit in the sink so long that a strong odor became apparent....I always have a clean house!

I did not start to get out the Christmas decor and just not have the "umph" to decorate yet! That said, I did not feel like I might go crazy with all the "help" I was receiving from my 7 year old son with what little decorating I did do! I did not buy my baby girl a PINK Christmas tree for her bedroom and watch her brother decorate it with dalmation and fire hydrant light covers...don't worry it won't last cause I'll get my groove on soon enough and "girl-i-fy" it as soon as I can get to Target to get the cool ornaments I saw a couple weeks ago!

I did not send my son and (3) neighbor boys out into the cold to play yesterday, only to watch helplessly as they came in, freezing, dropped all their snowy and wet apparel in my mudroom (4 boys worth of coats, overalls, boots, hats, gloves, melting snow and dirt)...I would never have a near panic attack at the thought of all the dirt and muck in my mudroom. I certainly did not just try to RelAx and forget about it.....really I'm trying....hard. to. let. it. go!

I did not just make my Christmas picture appointment tonight! I will not be late AGAIN with my Christmas cards... I can not just take a picture like everyone else does because that would be too easy and I do not like to put added pressure on myself to be different. I would not do that!

I did not get a little miffed when I noticed that Merry Christmas was no longer on my schools website, and it now said Happy Holidays. I did not proceed to call a few people, send a couple emails, and nearly have a freak-out session about what the world is coming to, only to receive an email this morning saying that the saying rotates between Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. (Not sure how totally true this is because a reliable source told me that someone did complain....about Merry Christmas! and therefore it was changed)....

I did not once again haul basket after basket up and down the stairs this weekend of "stuff" that belongs somewhere other than where it is! Those many baskets do not sit waiting for me to empty their contents to their correct places while I continue to sit and play on the computer! Not me, I would always put house work before play time!

So my goal this NOT post some more pictures on this blog of mine! Hopefully patient...


  1. Great job dear daughter! I always learn some things that you had forgotten (?) to mention. I like the new stick figures of your family! I'm proud of how you've survived the past 8 days of being a temporary single mom. Now back to some sense of routine?---well, maybe not.:) Love, mom xoxo

  2. I never wait until the last minute for Christmas pics and cards either.

    Or have baskets of items to put away. And there are NOT dirty dishes in my sink right now! UGH.

    I see from the 1st comment you have had to be a single parent. I have been there--when my hubs was overseas--HATE IT. I feel for you. I hope you 'are complete' soon!!!


  3. HAHA. Totally feel ya on the "look at the mess" attitude. I seem to have lost my cleaning mojo. And as for the baskets waiting for your attention, nope, not me. I NEVER do that ;D

  4. Not me! I never "lurk" on unsuspecting people's blogs!!
    You are so funny and incredibly honest. Not that other people are liars...just maybe not as forthcoming with the details and emotions!!! Thanks for the smiles!