Sunday, December 28, 2008

Prayers for Baby Stellan!!!

UPDATED 12/31/2008: After going to the Dr. once getting home from their trip, Stellan was admitted to the Childrens hospital where they live. He was near the need for intubation and a central line, however he is now doing much better. Still on Oxygen but "movin on down" to normal room soon from ICU. He was diagnosed with severe RSV. Praise God that he's doing so well!

UPDATE: Baby Stellan is out of the hospital after an overnight stay and they are on their way home. The doctors don't believe there to be any relationship between his tachycardia and his former heart failure in utero. Praise God! Poor little guy just has a really bad cold apparently. He'll see his Doctor tomorrow at home. They are on their way home now.
Please say a prayer for MckMama's Miracle Baby, Stellan. They are out of town at her parents and Stellan was having breathing problems, tachycardia, low oxygen sats, etc. Went to E.R. and they are determining whether it is a bad cold, RSV, or whether his heart is giving him may recall his story from previous posts...He wasn't supposed to live and SURPRISE....(really no surprise to God), he did live and MckMama hasn't stopped praising God for Stellans healing. So, just wanted to ask that you say a prayer....

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Thanks for your prayers.

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