Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not-Me! Monday

Well, after a week off, NOT ME! Monday is back and I am so ready! Actually this week should be titled NOT ME! Monday X 2, because not all happened in the past week. As a matter of fact, the past week was fairly uneventful! So glad that MckMama is back in the swing of things since Baby Stellan is now home from the hospital ( do I hear a yeah rah!!!) !and doing well!!! As usual, if you'd like to play along, join the rest of us crazy's and do your own NOT ME! Monday. Visit MckMama's blog to play along!

I did not take a big swig of vinegar laced diet coke (majorly), courtesy of yet another prank by Aaron and Harrison and then proceed to throw up in the kitchen sink. Please note that I previously posted about another prank by the two "boys" in my household, which now means they are up 2 to 1 and I have some plotting to do to get back at them...any ideas, I am open to suggestions.

I did not have a dream I was at MckMama's house. I remember waking up and thinking I have to remember this...but of course I don't! I hate that about dreams...and I have some doozies! I can't imagine the ones I have that I don't remember!

I ABSOLUTELY did not take a picture of my hubby's "carpenters cleavage" and place it on the new digital photo frame that my Dad gave to my Mom for Christmas, as I was downloading grandkids photos to it! It was NOT just too plain funny (to he and I, at least) as the picture popped up on the screen while showing Mom all the new photos we added to the frame. My illustrious husband certainly DID NOT pose for this photo!!! He's way too shy to show a teeny part of his "crack" to my MOM!!! HA HA HA, I'm still laughing thinking about it...he and I know how to have a fun time! And, my Mom will NOT once again say " I can't believe you put that in your blog..."

I do not smell yet another dead mouse in the wall!! I DO NOT smell this mouse every time I walk in the kitchen and it is NOT discouraging that it is only January and just the beginning of "mouse season"... I DO NOT love living in the country, where these sneaky little creatures manage to find their way "in" one way or another.

I do not look around, after having nearly 2 weeks off work, and wonder what I did those 2 weeks, because from the looks of it...I apparently didn't clean!

I do not watch our Indianapolis Colts go down to San Diego Saturday night, leaving a gaping hole in my heart as our football season has come to an abrupt end.

I did not have an absolutely wonderful Christmas, and my tree is NOT still up! (It runs in the family!)

Lastly...I am NOT still working on Christmas cards to send out! NOT me, I'm always on time for everything!!

Join the fun...come on, you know you want to!!!


  1. That Colts game was soooo tough. My hubby is a huge Peyton fan (since Peyton went to UT). Great Not Me list!

  2. Diet Coke and awful! Those boys are rotten. My brother put pickle juice in my water bottle when we were younger, and it made me puke instantly!

  3. Wow you did nothing worth laughing at this week how disappointing.

  4. Thank you for leaving me out of the conversation on the picture frame! Seems you left out a few details, however! ( : Since I am the "civilized" one, I will not mention such things on someone else's blog! Love you!