Sunday, December 28, 2008

Prayers for Baby Stellan!!!

UPDATED 12/31/2008: After going to the Dr. once getting home from their trip, Stellan was admitted to the Childrens hospital where they live. He was near the need for intubation and a central line, however he is now doing much better. Still on Oxygen but "movin on down" to normal room soon from ICU. He was diagnosed with severe RSV. Praise God that he's doing so well!

UPDATE: Baby Stellan is out of the hospital after an overnight stay and they are on their way home. The doctors don't believe there to be any relationship between his tachycardia and his former heart failure in utero. Praise God! Poor little guy just has a really bad cold apparently. He'll see his Doctor tomorrow at home. They are on their way home now.
Please say a prayer for MckMama's Miracle Baby, Stellan. They are out of town at her parents and Stellan was having breathing problems, tachycardia, low oxygen sats, etc. Went to E.R. and they are determining whether it is a bad cold, RSV, or whether his heart is giving him may recall his story from previous posts...He wasn't supposed to live and SURPRISE....(really no surprise to God), he did live and MckMama hasn't stopped praising God for Stellans healing. So, just wanted to ask that you say a prayer....

If you'd like to check out her blog, visit

Thanks for your prayers.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Manger Scene

The Manger Scene...that's what it's all about. I'm confident from this drawing by Harrison, that he gets it! Sure, he's a 7 year- old boy who eagerly awaited Santa's coming down our chimney Christmas Eve (so eager in fact, that he was awake from 2:30 to 4:30 a.m. ready to get up and not the least bit happy that I refused!!!). Despite the eagerness, Harrison knows why we celebrate CHRISTmas.

This is his rendering of that night long ago in Bethlehem, when Jesus, The Saviour of the world, was born. Notice the detail...there is a star, which led the wisemen bearing gifts from afar. There is an Angel, which spoke to the shephards keeping watch over their sheep. There are camels and a bale of straw. There is a stable. And, there are Mary and Joseph. There is a manger, and there IS a Baby Jesus!
And no, he wasn't looking at a manger scene when he drew this picture, which I am going to laminate and treasure forever!
And on a humorous note...please notice the second Baby Jesus...TWINS!!!
CHRISTmas for the Collins family was indeed a wonderful day! Christmas Eve, after a family Christmas, we attended Christmas Eve service with both my parents and Aarons Dad and Step-Mom, and we were glad to have them with us. Bedtime came for me at 1:30 a.m. (only to be woken within the hour)...

Of course, CHRISTmas morning was delightful! It was always fun, but this year I was really filled with joy to watch my two babies come down the stairs (Yes, we let Harrison carry Hayden down the stairs since we were standing right there, this is not normal...but it was a photo op!)
Once again, Santa was good to all, whether we deserved it or not! Harrison is out hunting now in his new duck/goose hunting blind (what every 7 year old puts on their list, and indeed he did). He also got a Nintendo DS as well as other goodies. Perhaps the most fun for him was helping his baby sister!!!

Ok-maybe not!
Mysteriously, Santa also put a Wii under our tree, but our painting services are required in exchange!

Miss Hayden received her first baby stroller! She is fond of her new gloworm and other fun toys! Santa also brought her practical things...diapers!
The kids also received a "Gift Certificate from Santa" for a new kitty cat in the spring. This was on Harrisons' list ... " a new citty cat becaus mine dide"
It was a great morning! W spent the afternoon relaxing and playing with new toys. I even let Aaron and Harrison go out for a quick hunt Christmas afternoon...I am such a nice Mama/Wife! Christmas evening was spent at the Collins' Christmas at Aarons parents.
Aaron received this fabulous Argyle sweater which he surely adores! Now, I, being the slightly more trendy one in our marriage, like argyle. But Aaron, well, if you know him, he is NOT the argyle type and likely never will be. So, really this gift was a joke, which he promptly wadded up and threw at me! I will say he put it on later for good measure but declined a photo...

And this is definitely going to be framed on my desk. I sure do love these two, along with their Daddy! What a wonderful Christmas~I am so blessed and thankful!
Our Christmas is not over as we will celebrate with my parents, sister, and her family on the 30th. I love to extend the season as long as I can! That is exactly the reason that I don't send my Christmas cards on time (*wink,wink*)

Merry CHRISTMAS to you all!
May you all remember why we celebrate...the Nativity!

Monday, December 22, 2008

NOT-ME Monday!!!

Here we go again! it's Not-Me Monday time again. Play along with MckMama and all her friends and find out how normal you really are!

This week while at the Indianapolis Childrens museum on a first-grade field trip I DID NOT ONCE AGAIN forget nursing pads! I DID NOT "spring a leak" during "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" play and immediately stick my daughters sock, well, it was a beaded sock, into my bra. I then DID NOT replace the beaded sock, which left indentations, with a torn in half maxi-pad! I certainly DID NOT want to explain to the 6 and 7 year old girls, who watched as I "purchased" it, exactly what I got out of the machine, why I needed it, and what it is really used for, when I stuck in my quarter! Can't say I'm ready for that yet--good thing Hayden is only 8 months! I am NOT so very forgetful, and it is NOT even worse since having baby #2...(I'm convinced dementia is setting in early!)

While having family pictures done this week, I certainly DID NOT feel a warm sensation and realize Hayden had peed on me- she was naked for some nakie-baby pictures (see previous post)...the rest of us were clothed-I promise!

I DID NOT hear my son ask if he could photocopy his "butt" on my work copy machine! I have NO idea where he would get such an definitely was NOT ME! I would NOT have ever introduced him to the idea of photocopying yourself on the work copy machine...and my son would never use the word "butt", as I have always, well I have always tried to refer to it as his bottom.

It is NOT absolutely freezing here in Indiana (2 degrees yesterday with harsh wind)...and I DID NOT run around without a coat anyway repeating over and over the phrase "I am not cold"! (try it- it actually kind of worked, perhaps because my brain was frozen!)

I did not hear my son singing my very own rendition of "Deck The Halls" which goes like this..."Pass the Prozac, Pass the Xanax, fa la la la la la la!" Who would sing such a song within hearing distance of a child!

This certain child most certainly DID NOT play a practical joke on me by taping the water sprayer of the kitchen sink in the "on" position and calling me into the kitchen. I did NOT fall for the practical joke and I did NOT get absolutely soaked! (He had a little help from his Father!)

I did NOT just totally forget a Not-Me that was just in my head and now, POOF! it's gone! Daggone it- I think I need Gingko Biloba, isn't that supposed to help your memory?

Oh, here's one...I DID NOT hear my son reply when asked "What is your favorite Christmas ornament", that his favorite was the one when Mommy and Daddy were skinny". My child would not say such a thing about his parents changing body size...need I remind him that he was the start of it! (Now, truth be told, this happened last Saturday at our family Christmas, but since I didn't do Not-Me this week, I'm including it in this week because, well, it was stinking hilarious and he thought so too!)

I am NOT nearly flipping-out over all the things left to do...wrapping, cookies, shopping, laundry (and more laundry, and more laundry), food-fixing, etc.

Lastly, our family DID NOT have a great evening visiting the jolly guy in a red suit the other night where we got this picture! My children were NOT both absolutely perfect sitting on his lap...wonder what next year will be like!

Well...what did you NOT do this week? Come one, help me out and make me feel normal!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

She's not gonna be a Happy Girl!

Isn't she beautiful!

See now, why I put bows in her hair often? If you didn't know, you couldn't tell-boy or girl...but we know she's all girly girl!.....for now!

It's so cute to have rolls...when you're a baby...not so cute when you're an adult!

There are those sweet bibs again!

I love the way she opens her mouth and "kisses" me and I'm so glad we have a picture of it!

Yep, she's gonna be very unhappy with me one day! Kind of like how Aaron was unhappy with the fact that his parents took a picture of him naked with a rubbyducky in the tub with gigantic glasses on his face (The hunt is on to find that picture, I'm laughing just visualizing it!). Maybe she'll be unhappy like Aaron was when he saw that picture posted at his Senior After-Prom (1994) in a "name that senior" game!

My how time flies...she can't be 8 months already. I remember thinking..."She'll be 8 months at Christmas" and that seems like just yesterday. They grow too daggone fast. I hate it! I love it! Oh....I don't know how I feel!

She is so cute! Her new thing is that when I hold her at the computer desk, and so far only then, she bites my ear! It's so funny because she begins by examining it with her tiny fingers, bending and twisting, then going in for the "kill" on my poor little ear! It's too cute! Last night when I told her no, she made this evil little laugh. How can I be seriously teaching her "no", and laughing at the same time? Well, I'm sure I've done it before with Harrison...many times! Hayden is trying to learn to crawl. She gets up on her hands and knees, occassionally moves forward a bit, and then lays down. I really hope she's slow to crawl, slow to walk....then she'll seem like she's still a baby! Last night, she woke several times before I even made it to bed. Each time, I ended up holding her, swaying and rocking, ahh....I could just stay there in her room cuddling with her. She takes those tiny littly fingers and rubs them on my face gently, then WHAM! She picks my nose! Not literally...but her sharp little fingernails nearly send me through the roof when she scratches just right! Back to the sweetness of cuddling her...I LOVE IT!

Christmas will be here soon! This time of year is so busy that it is hard to really focus on why we celebrate! This is a conversation between Harrison and I the other night....
Harrison: Is God married?
Me:No, God is not married.

Harrison: Well, what about Mary? (I'm very proud that he made the connection that since Jesus is Gods Son, then he must've been married to Mary, His mother.)

Me:Joseph and Mary were Jesus' earthly parents and God is Jesus' Heavenly Father.

Harrison: What's a Heavenly Father?

Me: Ummm, let's have Papaw Kemp explain that to you....

So, later we are at my parents house and I ask for Dad to explain to Harrison.

After he explained...Harrison replied "still don't get it!" ...neither do I, you know. It's hard to understand how God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit...not only when you're 7 yrs.old, but also when you're 32! I guess that's called faith!


At least I didn't get the question Aaron got this week...about why bucks chase does!!!!! Would've loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to that conversation!

The above photos were taken by Joel Cookston and I'll post more in the days ahead....they're awesome, so if you're near us, I know you'd be pleased with his work!

Check out this little stud, who happens to be the BEST BIG BROTHER EVER!!

I'll be back soon! We're off to visit the big, jolly man in a red suit! Oh, and we might have to do some shopping while we're at it!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Not-Me Monday!!!

So, I seem to only blog on Mondays....NOT ME! Yep, it's time again for MckMama's free therapy carnival. Read on to find out what I DID NOT do this week and visit MckMama's blog to read what others DID NOT do as well!

I do not feel much pressure to complete these not-me mondays...with the huge following I have out there reading my blog...*wink* (quit lurking and leave me a know who you are!!!) I do not feel that I will let them down if I don't do this! goes, better late than never....

I did not beg my husband to drive me to Kohls Saturday night at 8:00 pm, in the snow, just so I could spend my $20.00 Kohls Cash that was expiring that evening! I would never risk our lives (that's a bit dramatic) just to get a discount!

I did not look at my messy house many times this past weekend and just not give a lick! Dirty dishes did not sit in the sink so long that a strong odor became apparent....I always have a clean house!

I did not start to get out the Christmas decor and just not have the "umph" to decorate yet! That said, I did not feel like I might go crazy with all the "help" I was receiving from my 7 year old son with what little decorating I did do! I did not buy my baby girl a PINK Christmas tree for her bedroom and watch her brother decorate it with dalmation and fire hydrant light covers...don't worry it won't last cause I'll get my groove on soon enough and "girl-i-fy" it as soon as I can get to Target to get the cool ornaments I saw a couple weeks ago!

I did not send my son and (3) neighbor boys out into the cold to play yesterday, only to watch helplessly as they came in, freezing, dropped all their snowy and wet apparel in my mudroom (4 boys worth of coats, overalls, boots, hats, gloves, melting snow and dirt)...I would never have a near panic attack at the thought of all the dirt and muck in my mudroom. I certainly did not just try to RelAx and forget about it.....really I'm trying....hard. to. let. it. go!

I did not just make my Christmas picture appointment tonight! I will not be late AGAIN with my Christmas cards... I can not just take a picture like everyone else does because that would be too easy and I do not like to put added pressure on myself to be different. I would not do that!

I did not get a little miffed when I noticed that Merry Christmas was no longer on my schools website, and it now said Happy Holidays. I did not proceed to call a few people, send a couple emails, and nearly have a freak-out session about what the world is coming to, only to receive an email this morning saying that the saying rotates between Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. (Not sure how totally true this is because a reliable source told me that someone did complain....about Merry Christmas! and therefore it was changed)....

I did not once again haul basket after basket up and down the stairs this weekend of "stuff" that belongs somewhere other than where it is! Those many baskets do not sit waiting for me to empty their contents to their correct places while I continue to sit and play on the computer! Not me, I would always put house work before play time!

So my goal this NOT post some more pictures on this blog of mine! Hopefully patient...