Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not Me! Monday...the Late Edition

So, since I've NOT been sick with strep throat, I'm NOT running behind with Not Me! Monday, but posting anyway since Mr. Linky is still up on MckMama's blog. You know MckMama, the one who started this whole therapy session...and boy do I need it this week...


I am certain that I did not find Hayden playing in the toilet...yes, that's right, the TOILET, but it gets better...

It most definitely was NOT the dirty toilet that I'd just put cleaner into, turned back to start tidying up the sink only to turn around to find her happily splashing around in the TOILET!!! Now, before you panic, I might add that it was "greenworks" cleaner (i.e. natural ingredients), so there were no acid burns or anything, but I definitely flunked the MOM OF THE YEAR contest!

Later in the week, I did NOT hear Aaron tell me that he too had found Hayden playing in the TOILET again, at which time I did NOT confess to him that I am indeed a terrible Mom because I was in the bathroom with her and didn't even notice til' it was too late! And, no, we don't have a bathroom the size of a bedroom...it's your normal bathroom...pretty bad, huh?!?

Friday night, I did NOT talk Aaron into at least trying on my SPANX underneath his Class A Fire Department uniform! It was way too funny, and I'm totally sure he'll kill me for posting it on here but I can't resist. I was NOT laughing SO hard that I nearly wet my pants! I'm pretty sure he would've worn them had it not been for the fear of being in an accident and having to have his clothes cut off...imagine explaining that one!

That night, just for a little bragging...I did NOT feel the slightest bit proud of Aaron as he walked up and accepted the Firefighter of the Year award for 2008. It did not make me feel the least bit "turned on" when they described him as a "Real Bad-Ass" (pardon the french)...and even with that little bit of turning on I did NOT come home and go right.to.sleep...no.questions.asked! :)~ The only thing that would've made that night better was if ...
1) He walked up on stage and everyone knew he was wearing SPANX, which they would've because you know I'd have had to tell them.
2) He would've walked up on stage and split his pants because he wasn't wearing SPANX, and I could've said I told you so.
(Just to clarify, he really did not wear the SPANX, but he did try them on! Mom is our witness, well, kind of...she heard us lauging hysterically and Aaron saying "I'm not wearing pantyhose!")

At church on Sunday, Danny was speaking on being a servant. At some point, he used an illustration about a parent yelling and screaming at their child. I did NOT hear these words come out of Harrisons' mouth...

"That's like you do to me."

Umm...reality check....small smile...yes, honey....feel the size of a pea...horrible Mom....nagging Mom thoughts did NOT fill my head at that moment.

(That will teach me not to let him stay with me instead of going to childrens church....)

And lastly...

I did not allow this to happen....

Our Kitchen Chair...courtesy of Hayden

Just for the sake of having Haydens' "toothprints" on something... That would be very irresponsible to let her potentially damage a piece of furniture for the sake of a memory. Honestly, I thought it would be little tiny imprints, not down to the bare wood!

My daughter really does NOT think she is a woodchuck!

All together now...
How much wood, would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood!!!

Have a great week!

Oh, by the way...did I mention we found Hayden playing in the TOILET !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not once, but twice!

Come on people, let me know I'm not alone!

What did you NOT do this week?

Leave a comment!!! (Mom, you know you have a good one and I'm just being nice leaving it off of here!)


Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday! And, you know what that means, right? It's Not Me!! Monday time again, courtesy of MckMama. If you've never checked out her blog, now is the time. You will eventually become addicted like the rest of us "wolverines" as she refers to us. So, you know the routine...here is a list of things I did NOT do this week. Click on the button below to read what other "wolverines" did NOT do this week.







To start off the week, I did NOT find Hayden standing at the toilet seat with her hands going in...that would be entirely gross, and I am always knowledgeable about where she is and what she is doing (she was standing right beside me). I did NOT think about the fact that we have 2 "boys" in our house and they don't always aim right...and I did NOT have this thought as she was crawling around on the floor of the bathroom. On the same subject, I did NOT have to wash off the newly painted wall because I could see "spray" spots on it, next to the toilet. Ughhh! That would be gross! IF it had actually happened, but since it surely did NOT!

I did NOT stay up til' 2:30 am one morning looking at vacations and reading blogs on the internet. I did NOT totally pay for my internet-scouring, blog-reading, vacation searching ADDICTION for the rest of the week.

I did NOT totally escape for a session of much needed Target therapy on Saturday! I did NOT spend over 2 hours going up and down aisles and basically exit the store with Valentines and baby food. That would be way too boring for a 2-hour shopping trip to Target. While at Target and venturing down an end aisle I'm pretty sure I did NOT pass by a family of 6 standing together in the family planning aisle (i.e. birth control, etc.) Now, mind you these were children of reading age, not toddlers, and I certainly did NOT have to laugh (to myself, of course) as I passed them in the store later. I'm just trying to figure out the conversation that might have been taking place amongst the family....Now, if this has been you, I am not judging...just wondering (and laughing, of course) how it is managed.

Harrisons' pet gerbil, Crescent (like Crescent Roll), did NOT escape yesterday, at the hands of two young boys. I did NOT hear extreme screaming and serious jumping coming from behind the closed (for obvious reasons...they didn't want me knowing what was happening) doors. The gerbil did NOT proceed to elude us the rest of the day, until near bedtime, when the three of us (Harrison, Hayden, and Mommy), did a stake out and had our own chase until we finally captured him. I'm sure Hayden was wondering what in the heck was going on with her normally sane (questionable) Mom and her brothers actions did not shock her in the least!

I did NOT spend Valentines Day night at our towns version of Chuck-E-Cheese. I'm pretty sure I had a romantic, candle-lit dinner with my husband while we ate chocolate covered cherries and drank champagne. In reality, It could NOT be me that totally enjoyed the night with my family instead of the above mentioned romance!

I was NOT the least bit disappointed when my funny card that I got Aaron went straight over his head....

{It pictured a husband and wife with "thought bubbles" over their heads. Over his head was the word SEX, and over hers was the word TARGET. Open the card and it read "Are you thinking what I'm thinking????" HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's too funny, since I was just at Target and I love shopping at Target.....Uh...NO! HE DIDN'T EVEN GET IT!} Big letdown!
And, currently, I am about to kick something, because I have one more good one, but I wanted to provide photo evidence of it, and since blogger won't load photos currently, it will have to wait til' next week, so I guess ya'll have to come back now...ya' hear?
So, that was my week. How was yours? Now is the time to join the fun over at MckMama's blog. It's free therapy, but apparently not enough for me because I still need my Target therapy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is in the Air....

My camera currently has 516 pictures on the memory card...I take way too many pictures.
But, I want to have these pictures when I am 70 years old, to look back and remember these fun family times, so I will never apologize for taking so many. Perhaps when we have the need to build on a room to house my photo albums, I will consider apologizing...or not. With all that being said, Harrison has 14 albums from his life thus far, each holding 300 photos each. Hayden, at this point, has one album, and MANY photos waiting to find their spot in her albums...and many more waiting to even find their way to the printer.

February has been a fun month for us. We finally made it out into the snow as a family. It was melting by the time we accomplished this, but of course it had to be a family affair, complete with video footage of Hayden's first snow, and of course pictures. So without further adeu, I present you with pictures from the day. She of course didn't get into it too much, didn't want to touch it, and silly me forgot until after the fact that I had bought a baby sled at a garage sale this summer. So, I'm hoping for a little more snow so that we can use it. Don't you think she'd old enoughtopulled behind the 4-wheeler.....just kidding!

Hayden just turned 10 months old on the 12th, and I can't believe it! She is crawling everywhere and getting into everything. She is opening cabinet doors and drawers and disrupting my laundry folding! As a matter of fact, as I type this, she is at my feet going through the trash can....eating candy wrappers! ( I don't have any idea who sits at the computer and eats candy...) She is pulling up to furniture and I'm afraid soon we will have to get out the baby gates because she will be eyeing the stairs soon I'm sure.

Harrison is busy continuing to be a good big brother. He tries very hard to watch out for her. He is my little watchdog, telling me when she puts something in her mouth, even occassionally wrestling with her and risking his fingers being bitten off to retrieve whatever she has attempted to eat. He was sick and missed 4 days of school recently with strep throat, but he is almost back to his normal self. Our biggest challenge in the "brother department" remains leaving Hayden alone when she is happy. He is pure boy, and along with that, he is challenging us at times (not saying that girls aren't challenging....) I pray for patience as I try to teach him right from wrong and to THINK!! before he does things. He is playing basketball, and is extremely competative. So, we are working on good sportsmanship, and sometimes I feel like I am "preaching" until I am blue in the face. But, he IS a good boy with a compassionate heart. He is enjoying his Club 252 at church and is learning lots of praise and worship songs that I love to hear him singing on his own! He and Aaron just finished up their waterfowl hunting season and Harrison is hoping that next year he won't have to be just a spectator! I am hoping that with the end of hunting seasons, my mudroom will once again not literally be a mudroom!

And back to Hayden.... well, she is just busy being cute! Have I mentioned that I love having a little girl? I always said that if my first child was a boy, I felt I'd have all boys (3 of them, in fact). I am glad I was wrong!


Ahh...the romance!

For Valentines Day we went to That Fun Place, which is like a Chuck E Cheese. We had a coupon from when Hayden was born, so it was super-duper cheap, as in all we had to pay for was our tokens. We had pizza, played games, bumper cars, and Harrison played Lazer tag. The night together was fun. Hayden liked watching all the bright lights and cheered me on playing SkeeBall and Deal or No Deal! I don't normally do much for Valentines Day, in the past just something small for Harrison, but I must admit, the thought of buying my little girls first Valentine got the best of me, so they both came away with a surprise from Mommy and Daddy!We came home with a ceramic lizard, a whistle, and a plastic sheriffs' badge and lots of smiles!

I hope I didn't overwhelm with pictures, but I think I'm up to date now...come back tomorrow for another edition of "NOT ME!! Monday".

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not Me!! Monday....Oh, no I did NOT!!!

Ok, so it's that time again....Welcome to NOT ME!! Monday, courtesy of MckMama, who hosts this fun tell-all every Monday. Check out her blog by clicking the button below...you won't be disappointed, and you'll probably actually feel better about yourself after you read what everyone else did NOT do this week.

Short and Sweet...here goes!

I did NOT wear two pairs of sunglasses on top of my head while grocery shopping at 11:00 p.m. the other night! I did NOT discover this embarrassing fact after exiting the second grocery store, but luckily before entering the third! That really sounds like something a Mom would do and her child would get all embarrassed and stuff...and that can't be me???

I did NOT use a disposable baby bib (previously used) as a make-shift kleenex at church this morning...that's kind of like using a baby sock as a nursing pad. (see this post if you're lost!!!)

I did NOT stay up til 1:40 a.m. one night secretly playing my sons Nintendo DS, with the volume turned down so no one would know. I did NOT promise myself that I wouldn't do it again because I was sleepy the next day, and I did NOT proceed to play his DS the next night until 12:30 a.m. at which time I snuck to bed hoping not to wake my husband. I am NOT developing somewhat of a callus on my left thumb from my intense DS playing. I did NOT "fight" over the DS with its' rightful owner yesterday.

{Do you think I have a DS problem? Wait...no, I don't...because I did NOT do any of the above mentioned.}

I did NOT spend nearly 4 days inside the house with a sick child...and I am NOT nearly going a bit crazy needing to get out and do something fun!!!

I did NOT finally take the baby out into the snow, on the day it started melting, to justify the snowsuit purchase and get the coveted photos and video. { Remember, she is the second child...and I have second child syndrome :)~ }

Last but not least...I did NOT start composing this NOT ME!! Sunday night and consider not even linking this week, because it isn't that funny compared to some, but I did NOT decide to go ahead because there is a prize at stake!!! And, I most certainly NOT just have the thought that I need to get a voice recorder so that when I have a NOT ME! moment, I can record it so that I don't forget...that would be way too NOT ME! obsessive, right?

So, there you have it~ I'm sure there are things you did NOT do this week. Pretty please...think of one and leave a comment.

{Did I mention...I am desperate for comments!!!!!!!!!!} NOT ME!!

Please note: I will delete mean comments ( you know who you are :o~ )

Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here we go again...It's not me Monday time! Jump over to MckMama's blog and share in the free therapy!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her/'>http://www.mycharmingkids.net">her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

So what did I NOT DO this week...

Being that we did get a foot of snow, it most certainly is NOT ME who begged Aaron to take me to get Hayden a snowsuit the night before the snow came. He denied my request and I ended up getting one a couple days later. But, it was NOT ME who didn't even end up taking the babe outside to touch the snow. And, it is NOT ME who is now praying for just a little more fresh snow so that I can get the pictures I need to keep all things equal between first and second born.

That being said...it is NOT ME who has a burning desire to make a quick trip to a beach. I certainly did not think about looking for last-minute travel deals for this weekend just so I could get some warm sun!

I did NOT let Hayden get a hold of a razor in the bathroom the other day and proceed to cut her thumb. I did NOT feel horrible because I had seen the razor and didn't even think about the fact that I now have a crawling, exploring baby around the house. It did NOT make me think about the time that I saw the nickel on the bed...the one that Harrison later swallowed, which resulted in an ambulance ride to Riley Childrens Hospital to have it removed....

I did NOT hear Harrison say to me this weekend..."Mother, would you please get off the computer and come spend some time with your son?" It's NOT ME who sits at the computer when I should be doing other things. I need a laptop and then I can multi-task!

I did NOT get the van stuck in the neighbors driveway...in the snow...because I can't drive!

And lastly, it was NOT ME who ate 3 of the 4 homemade cinnamon rolls my "organic eating, cloth-diapering, home-schooling, bible-knowing, mother of 6 boys but still has time to fix homemade cinnamon rolls" wonderful neighbor and friend (yes, the one whos' driveway I was in) brought me Saturday. In my defense, I had only eaten two until I got the van stuck, then I needed the third!

So, there you have it. You thought I was the PERFECT MOM...right? Ha Ha!