Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not Me! Monday...the Late Edition

So, since I've NOT been sick with strep throat, I'm NOT running behind with Not Me! Monday, but posting anyway since Mr. Linky is still up on MckMama's blog. You know MckMama, the one who started this whole therapy session...and boy do I need it this week...


I am certain that I did not find Hayden playing in the toilet...yes, that's right, the TOILET, but it gets better...

It most definitely was NOT the dirty toilet that I'd just put cleaner into, turned back to start tidying up the sink only to turn around to find her happily splashing around in the TOILET!!! Now, before you panic, I might add that it was "greenworks" cleaner (i.e. natural ingredients), so there were no acid burns or anything, but I definitely flunked the MOM OF THE YEAR contest!

Later in the week, I did NOT hear Aaron tell me that he too had found Hayden playing in the TOILET again, at which time I did NOT confess to him that I am indeed a terrible Mom because I was in the bathroom with her and didn't even notice til' it was too late! And, no, we don't have a bathroom the size of a bedroom...it's your normal bathroom...pretty bad, huh?!?

Friday night, I did NOT talk Aaron into at least trying on my SPANX underneath his Class A Fire Department uniform! It was way too funny, and I'm totally sure he'll kill me for posting it on here but I can't resist. I was NOT laughing SO hard that I nearly wet my pants! I'm pretty sure he would've worn them had it not been for the fear of being in an accident and having to have his clothes cut off...imagine explaining that one!

That night, just for a little bragging...I did NOT feel the slightest bit proud of Aaron as he walked up and accepted the Firefighter of the Year award for 2008. It did not make me feel the least bit "turned on" when they described him as a "Real Bad-Ass" (pardon the french)...and even with that little bit of turning on I did NOT come home and go right.to.sleep...no.questions.asked! :)~ The only thing that would've made that night better was if ...
1) He walked up on stage and everyone knew he was wearing SPANX, which they would've because you know I'd have had to tell them.
2) He would've walked up on stage and split his pants because he wasn't wearing SPANX, and I could've said I told you so.
(Just to clarify, he really did not wear the SPANX, but he did try them on! Mom is our witness, well, kind of...she heard us lauging hysterically and Aaron saying "I'm not wearing pantyhose!")

At church on Sunday, Danny was speaking on being a servant. At some point, he used an illustration about a parent yelling and screaming at their child. I did NOT hear these words come out of Harrisons' mouth...

"That's like you do to me."

Umm...reality check....small smile...yes, honey....feel the size of a pea...horrible Mom....nagging Mom thoughts did NOT fill my head at that moment.

(That will teach me not to let him stay with me instead of going to childrens church....)

And lastly...

I did not allow this to happen....

Our Kitchen Chair...courtesy of Hayden

Just for the sake of having Haydens' "toothprints" on something... That would be very irresponsible to let her potentially damage a piece of furniture for the sake of a memory. Honestly, I thought it would be little tiny imprints, not down to the bare wood!

My daughter really does NOT think she is a woodchuck!

All together now...
How much wood, would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood!!!

Have a great week!

Oh, by the way...did I mention we found Hayden playing in the TOILET !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not once, but twice!

Come on people, let me know I'm not alone!

What did you NOT do this week?

Leave a comment!!! (Mom, you know you have a good one and I'm just being nice leaving it off of here!)


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