Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not Me!! Monday....Oh, no I did NOT!!!

Ok, so it's that time again....Welcome to NOT ME!! Monday, courtesy of MckMama, who hosts this fun tell-all every Monday. Check out her blog by clicking the button won't be disappointed, and you'll probably actually feel better about yourself after you read what everyone else did NOT do this week.

Short and goes!

I did NOT wear two pairs of sunglasses on top of my head while grocery shopping at 11:00 p.m. the other night! I did NOT discover this embarrassing fact after exiting the second grocery store, but luckily before entering the third! That really sounds like something a Mom would do and her child would get all embarrassed and stuff...and that can't be me???

I did NOT use a disposable baby bib (previously used) as a make-shift kleenex at church this morning...that's kind of like using a baby sock as a nursing pad. (see this post if you're lost!!!)

I did NOT stay up til 1:40 a.m. one night secretly playing my sons Nintendo DS, with the volume turned down so no one would know. I did NOT promise myself that I wouldn't do it again because I was sleepy the next day, and I did NOT proceed to play his DS the next night until 12:30 a.m. at which time I snuck to bed hoping not to wake my husband. I am NOT developing somewhat of a callus on my left thumb from my intense DS playing. I did NOT "fight" over the DS with its' rightful owner yesterday.

{Do you think I have a DS problem?, I don't...because I did NOT do any of the above mentioned.}

I did NOT spend nearly 4 days inside the house with a sick child...and I am NOT nearly going a bit crazy needing to get out and do something fun!!!

I did NOT finally take the baby out into the snow, on the day it started melting, to justify the snowsuit purchase and get the coveted photos and video. { Remember, she is the second child...and I have second child syndrome :)~ }

Last but not least...I did NOT start composing this NOT ME!! Sunday night and consider not even linking this week, because it isn't that funny compared to some, but I did NOT decide to go ahead because there is a prize at stake!!! And, I most certainly NOT just have the thought that I need to get a voice recorder so that when I have a NOT ME! moment, I can record it so that I don't forget...that would be way too NOT ME! obsessive, right?

So, there you have it~ I'm sure there are things you did NOT do this week. Pretty please...think of one and leave a comment.

{Did I mention...I am desperate for comments!!!!!!!!!!} NOT ME!!

Please note: I will delete mean comments ( you know who you are :o~ )

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  1. Thank you for at least somewhat mentioning nursing, or leakage, or something to that effect this week