Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Michigan Beach Vacation

Just before school started, our family headed out for a quick getaway to South Haven, Michigan.
We had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect...sand and sun for me, but not too hot for Aaron. I'm afraid after this trip, I might never get to go to Florida ever again.

The kids had a great time playing in the sand.  It was Haydens' first trip to the beach.  At first, she wasn't sure about the sand between her toes, but she adjusted quickly.  She had fun picking up fistfuls of sand and dropping it on her head! She ate her share of sand too!

Harrison loved the water and being buried in the sand.   It was a little frustrating for him when Hayden would mess up his sand creations, but he managed.

We had lots of fun in the evenings. There were quaint shops that I enjoyed and of course Aaron and Harrison were bored to death with those! So many quaint beach cottages and a few large beautiful homes on the streets surrounding the shoreline.
I could live there...

It was beautiful!

We made great family memories and I have a feeling the Michigan coast will be a yearly getaway.