Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On my Mind...

I sit here tonight all ready to type a new post about my sweet baby girl. I watch the days go by on her "ticker" , watching as it creeps closer to saying "Hayden is One Today!!!"

I just don't know where time goes. And, the only thought going through my head is how I am
so very blessed.

I promise, I will get a post up soon, for Grandmas' sake, with pictures. But, for tonight, there is something else on my mind.


As I sit here, I am reminded of Baby Stellan, who once again, is in a fight for his life. If you will recall, Stellan is the fourth child of MckMama. MckMama's blog is the one I have to thank for all my blogging addictions, for her blog is the first I ever read, and I've been hooked ever since.

So, tonight, I am praying for Stellan. I'm praying for MckMama and Prince Charming (yes, that is her blog name for her husband). I'm praying for the doctors, nurses, and other medical workers who are taking care of our little guy- the little baby that SO MANY have come to love!

She has proclaimed Stellan a miracle, as he was never supposed to survive to even be born! But even tho, of course, she is pleading to God to heal him, she has such a deep faith, that she will continue to proclaim Stellan a miracle, even if God chooses to take him.

Through the internet, the blog world, and other means of "communication", I am constantly reminded how truly blessed I am. It's very hard to understand why children have to hurt, or have to die. I can't say I understand it. I know, I know...I can't dwell on this. I don't dwell on it, but I am consious of it. To be conscious of it helps me, in a way, to be a better Mommy.

Sometimes, like when I learned of Sweet Cora, who between 10 and 11 months was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 3 weeks later, I am hit in the face with the thought that "this could be me- any day". In Cora's case, it hit close to home. She was close in age to Hayden, and I could really put myself in her Mommy's shoes...and I could not imagine! Then there is Audrey Caroline, who was born and died just a few days before Hayden was born. As I plan my "extravaganza", as my Dad called it, for Hayden's first birthday, I am reminded of how Angie would be planning Audrey's party as well. There is Isaac, whos' Mommy is really having a hard time right now, almost 6 months after he died. But, even in her sadness, she is trying to help others. And then, there is sweet Jonah, who was born with a very bad skin disease. His parents lost a baby around the time Hayden was born, so I feel an attachment to them as well...not to mention Jonah is a dollbaby!

The awesome thing is...all these stories that I follow...of babies lost and of children who are sick, there is a common thread. All these stories are woven together and they all have one thing in common- His name is Jesus! You see, while these stories are so very sad, I am learning from them. Some of these little innocent babes stories have brought people to know Jesus. So, though their lives may have been cut short, they had purpose, and God is constantly revealing their purpose and will be doing it for a long, long time. These parents, the very same ones who have lost a child or are weathering some really bad "storms", their faith is amazing. It lifts me up. I am learning from them. Most of them are such wonderful writers. They are open and honest and real. They all love the Lord, despite it all.

I know this is a heavy post, but it is on my mind. I love writing about my children, but tonight it's about the other children and their very faithful parents. Would you please take a minute to say a prayer for Baby Stellen, if you would. And, there are so many more hurting that could use all our prayers as well.

"Saviour, He can move the mountains,
My God is Mighty to Save, He is Mighty to Save
Forever, Author of Salvation, He rose and conquered the grave,
Jesus conquered the grave!"

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

We all know there are things we do each day, each week, that we are just too chicken to admit. NOT ME! I'll pretty much tell you all about the crazy things I do or the things I'm ashamed of, because it's just who I am. And, because I know I'm not alone, I join in on MckMama's blog carnival every now and then and admit the few silly things I can actually remember that I did. I know there are so many in fact that I can't ever remember them!

But, this week, just when I thought all hope was lost and that once again I was going to have to skip Not Me! Monday, I received a phone call from my wonderful neighbor, Rebecca. The call went something like this.

Rebecca: (in a timid voice) "Susan"

Me: (in a voice that can tell something is wrong) "What's wrong? he covered in mud?"

Rebecca: "no, worse"

Me: "poop?" (in a yucky, frightened to hear a response voice)

Rebecca: "no, worse"

Me: "what?"

Rebecca: "what animal comes out when it's sunny?" (a bit of trivia I was unaware of)

Me: "a skunk???" (in a not-so-nice mama voice)

Yep, that's right...I did NOT get a phone call saying that Harrison had been sprayed by a skunk!

Surely, my son is smart enough not to go anywhere near a skunk.

Or not.

Fast forward to Harrisons' arrival home at which time I did NOT make him strip down to his birthday suit right there on the front porch and proceed to "grill" him about what on earth he was thinking!

Apparently, he is not knowledgeable about skunks yet?

Well, at least he wasn't.

Until now.

I did NOT proceed to wash him in a tomato sauce shower, somewhat delighting in the fact that he was a bit chilly when the cold tomato sauce hit his warm skin. I did NOT have the thought that that he is totally getting what he deserves!

Needless to say, it could have been much, much worse. I didn't lose my temper and Harrison doesn't smell too bad. Actually, I didn't smell it on anything but his boots.

His brand new boots.

The ones I told him to take off!

And, I did NOT talk "big" to Rebecca in my initial anger about how he was going to get a spanking for disobeying. I told him to change into his old cowboy boots, but he did not. I did NOT totally believe his blubbering, crying little self when he said "I forgot", because made obvious by my lack of remembering what I can potentially use for not me's obvious his forgetfulness is hereditary!


I am totally NOT obsessing with the planning of Haydens' 1st Birthday, which I can't believe will be here in a matter of weeks. I did NOT schedule myself, in writing, to have a "day of crying" on her actual birthday. I would NOT be sad about my baby girl turning one, and I surely am NOT thinking about it already. That would be obsessive, and I am NOT obsessive, and I will NOT surely pay for it when it's all said and done! I did NOT add over 20 dresses to my "favorites" on ETSY, that I like for her "birthday dress", as that too would be obsessive!


So, I know it wasn't that exciting, but at least it was something! What did you NOT do this week?

Join the fun times over at MckMama's blog!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Just a quick note here...
No Not me Monday today...the only one I could come up with was boring!

Please be in prayer for this little baby, Jonah. His button is new on my sidebar. He was born with a serious skin disease and his family and him need our prayers. Once again, I can't imagine and the way God has blessed me smacks me in the face when I see others who are hurting. Click on the button to read his story and please add them to your prayer lists.

Well, I guess for sake of updating, I could say that I did NOT find Hayden standing up in her highchair this weekend. I normally don't strap her in when I'm going to be sitting right there, but apparently the time has come that this will become necessary! Little stinker!

She is walking all around things but not standing on her own yet. No rush!!!! I can't believe my baby will be one year old in just a few weeks. I'm planning her party for the 11th of April, and I actually scheduled the 12th (Easter) on my calendar with the words "CRY ALL DAY". I suppose I won't cry ALL day...but I wanted to allow time in the day for a tear or two :)

I've begun a new addiction to "coupon-ing" and am finding some great deals...even FREE! It doesn't get much better than that! I'm enjoying passing along some diaper deals to friends of ours who are having TRIPLETS!!! Can't imagine that, but I'd love them, I know! He works with Aaron and these are their first babies....and they look so young, which means I am getting old!

Harrison has wrapped up basketball and moving along to baseball. That season kicks off April 18th and I can't wait. Number one, that means warmer weather, maybe. I must say, this winter to me doesn't seem like it's been that bad, but it does seem to be dragging on. I am more than ready to not have to lug around a very heavy carseat with a baby in it that will not keep herself covered!

I'll try to get some pictures up later tonight or tomorrow. For now, I must go to work...bummer....but glad I still have a job! Thank you God!