Monday, December 22, 2008

NOT-ME Monday!!!

Here we go again! it's Not-Me Monday time again. Play along with MckMama and all her friends and find out how normal you really are!

This week while at the Indianapolis Childrens museum on a first-grade field trip I DID NOT ONCE AGAIN forget nursing pads! I DID NOT "spring a leak" during "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" play and immediately stick my daughters sock, well, it was a beaded sock, into my bra. I then DID NOT replace the beaded sock, which left indentations, with a torn in half maxi-pad! I certainly DID NOT want to explain to the 6 and 7 year old girls, who watched as I "purchased" it, exactly what I got out of the machine, why I needed it, and what it is really used for, when I stuck in my quarter! Can't say I'm ready for that yet--good thing Hayden is only 8 months! I am NOT so very forgetful, and it is NOT even worse since having baby #2...(I'm convinced dementia is setting in early!)

While having family pictures done this week, I certainly DID NOT feel a warm sensation and realize Hayden had peed on me- she was naked for some nakie-baby pictures (see previous post)...the rest of us were clothed-I promise!

I DID NOT hear my son ask if he could photocopy his "butt" on my work copy machine! I have NO idea where he would get such an definitely was NOT ME! I would NOT have ever introduced him to the idea of photocopying yourself on the work copy machine...and my son would never use the word "butt", as I have always, well I have always tried to refer to it as his bottom.

It is NOT absolutely freezing here in Indiana (2 degrees yesterday with harsh wind)...and I DID NOT run around without a coat anyway repeating over and over the phrase "I am not cold"! (try it- it actually kind of worked, perhaps because my brain was frozen!)

I did not hear my son singing my very own rendition of "Deck The Halls" which goes like this..."Pass the Prozac, Pass the Xanax, fa la la la la la la!" Who would sing such a song within hearing distance of a child!

This certain child most certainly DID NOT play a practical joke on me by taping the water sprayer of the kitchen sink in the "on" position and calling me into the kitchen. I did NOT fall for the practical joke and I did NOT get absolutely soaked! (He had a little help from his Father!)

I did NOT just totally forget a Not-Me that was just in my head and now, POOF! it's gone! Daggone it- I think I need Gingko Biloba, isn't that supposed to help your memory?

Oh, here's one...I DID NOT hear my son reply when asked "What is your favorite Christmas ornament", that his favorite was the one when Mommy and Daddy were skinny". My child would not say such a thing about his parents changing body size...need I remind him that he was the start of it! (Now, truth be told, this happened last Saturday at our family Christmas, but since I didn't do Not-Me this week, I'm including it in this week because, well, it was stinking hilarious and he thought so too!)

I am NOT nearly flipping-out over all the things left to do...wrapping, cookies, shopping, laundry (and more laundry, and more laundry), food-fixing, etc.

Lastly, our family DID NOT have a great evening visiting the jolly guy in a red suit the other night where we got this picture! My children were NOT both absolutely perfect sitting on his lap...wonder what next year will be like!

Well...what did you NOT do this week? Come one, help me out and make me feel normal!


  1. Great list! I need the rest of the words to the Prozac Song!

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