Friday, December 26, 2008

The Manger Scene

The Manger Scene...that's what it's all about. I'm confident from this drawing by Harrison, that he gets it! Sure, he's a 7 year- old boy who eagerly awaited Santa's coming down our chimney Christmas Eve (so eager in fact, that he was awake from 2:30 to 4:30 a.m. ready to get up and not the least bit happy that I refused!!!). Despite the eagerness, Harrison knows why we celebrate CHRISTmas.

This is his rendering of that night long ago in Bethlehem, when Jesus, The Saviour of the world, was born. Notice the detail...there is a star, which led the wisemen bearing gifts from afar. There is an Angel, which spoke to the shephards keeping watch over their sheep. There are camels and a bale of straw. There is a stable. And, there are Mary and Joseph. There is a manger, and there IS a Baby Jesus!
And no, he wasn't looking at a manger scene when he drew this picture, which I am going to laminate and treasure forever!
And on a humorous note...please notice the second Baby Jesus...TWINS!!!
CHRISTmas for the Collins family was indeed a wonderful day! Christmas Eve, after a family Christmas, we attended Christmas Eve service with both my parents and Aarons Dad and Step-Mom, and we were glad to have them with us. Bedtime came for me at 1:30 a.m. (only to be woken within the hour)...

Of course, CHRISTmas morning was delightful! It was always fun, but this year I was really filled with joy to watch my two babies come down the stairs (Yes, we let Harrison carry Hayden down the stairs since we were standing right there, this is not normal...but it was a photo op!)
Once again, Santa was good to all, whether we deserved it or not! Harrison is out hunting now in his new duck/goose hunting blind (what every 7 year old puts on their list, and indeed he did). He also got a Nintendo DS as well as other goodies. Perhaps the most fun for him was helping his baby sister!!!

Ok-maybe not!
Mysteriously, Santa also put a Wii under our tree, but our painting services are required in exchange!

Miss Hayden received her first baby stroller! She is fond of her new gloworm and other fun toys! Santa also brought her practical things...diapers!
The kids also received a "Gift Certificate from Santa" for a new kitty cat in the spring. This was on Harrisons' list ... " a new citty cat becaus mine dide"
It was a great morning! W spent the afternoon relaxing and playing with new toys. I even let Aaron and Harrison go out for a quick hunt Christmas afternoon...I am such a nice Mama/Wife! Christmas evening was spent at the Collins' Christmas at Aarons parents.
Aaron received this fabulous Argyle sweater which he surely adores! Now, I, being the slightly more trendy one in our marriage, like argyle. But Aaron, well, if you know him, he is NOT the argyle type and likely never will be. So, really this gift was a joke, which he promptly wadded up and threw at me! I will say he put it on later for good measure but declined a photo...

And this is definitely going to be framed on my desk. I sure do love these two, along with their Daddy! What a wonderful Christmas~I am so blessed and thankful!
Our Christmas is not over as we will celebrate with my parents, sister, and her family on the 30th. I love to extend the season as long as I can! That is exactly the reason that I don't send my Christmas cards on time (*wink,wink*)

Merry CHRISTMAS to you all!
May you all remember why we celebrate...the Nativity!

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