Saturday, December 20, 2008

She's not gonna be a Happy Girl!

Isn't she beautiful!

See now, why I put bows in her hair often? If you didn't know, you couldn't tell-boy or girl...but we know she's all girly girl!.....for now!

It's so cute to have rolls...when you're a baby...not so cute when you're an adult!

There are those sweet bibs again!

I love the way she opens her mouth and "kisses" me and I'm so glad we have a picture of it!

Yep, she's gonna be very unhappy with me one day! Kind of like how Aaron was unhappy with the fact that his parents took a picture of him naked with a rubbyducky in the tub with gigantic glasses on his face (The hunt is on to find that picture, I'm laughing just visualizing it!). Maybe she'll be unhappy like Aaron was when he saw that picture posted at his Senior After-Prom (1994) in a "name that senior" game!

My how time flies...she can't be 8 months already. I remember thinking..."She'll be 8 months at Christmas" and that seems like just yesterday. They grow too daggone fast. I hate it! I love it! Oh....I don't know how I feel!

She is so cute! Her new thing is that when I hold her at the computer desk, and so far only then, she bites my ear! It's so funny because she begins by examining it with her tiny fingers, bending and twisting, then going in for the "kill" on my poor little ear! It's too cute! Last night when I told her no, she made this evil little laugh. How can I be seriously teaching her "no", and laughing at the same time? Well, I'm sure I've done it before with Harrison...many times! Hayden is trying to learn to crawl. She gets up on her hands and knees, occassionally moves forward a bit, and then lays down. I really hope she's slow to crawl, slow to walk....then she'll seem like she's still a baby! Last night, she woke several times before I even made it to bed. Each time, I ended up holding her, swaying and rocking, ahh....I could just stay there in her room cuddling with her. She takes those tiny littly fingers and rubs them on my face gently, then WHAM! She picks my nose! Not literally...but her sharp little fingernails nearly send me through the roof when she scratches just right! Back to the sweetness of cuddling her...I LOVE IT!

Christmas will be here soon! This time of year is so busy that it is hard to really focus on why we celebrate! This is a conversation between Harrison and I the other night....
Harrison: Is God married?
Me:No, God is not married.

Harrison: Well, what about Mary? (I'm very proud that he made the connection that since Jesus is Gods Son, then he must've been married to Mary, His mother.)

Me:Joseph and Mary were Jesus' earthly parents and God is Jesus' Heavenly Father.

Harrison: What's a Heavenly Father?

Me: Ummm, let's have Papaw Kemp explain that to you....

So, later we are at my parents house and I ask for Dad to explain to Harrison.

After he explained...Harrison replied "still don't get it!" ...neither do I, you know. It's hard to understand how God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit...not only when you're 7 yrs.old, but also when you're 32! I guess that's called faith!


At least I didn't get the question Aaron got this week...about why bucks chase does!!!!! Would've loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to that conversation!

The above photos were taken by Joel Cookston and I'll post more in the days ahead....they're awesome, so if you're near us, I know you'd be pleased with his work!

Check out this little stud, who happens to be the BEST BIG BROTHER EVER!!

I'll be back soon! We're off to visit the big, jolly man in a red suit! Oh, and we might have to do some shopping while we're at it!

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  1. Loved the pics of Hayden and look forward to more and some of Harrison-my favorite grandson :). Wish I were so good with technology. Have fun seeing Santa! Love, Mom