Monday, January 12, 2009



First of all, just let me say that I can not handle the immense stress of knowing that you are all out there just waiting for me to post my NOT ME! Monday. There just may be a week now and then that I just don't have anything funny to share. It may simply be that I can not remember all the funny things that happen throughout the week. If anyone wishes to donate a laptop to my cause...the "Save Susan's Not-Me Mondays" , your donation would be appreciated :) You are all just going to have to accept that my life can not always be funny...I know, I know...very hard to comprehend. Some weeks I just might be a ^*^perfect Mom^*^, therefore having no "not-me's". (*wink*wink*)

So, having gotten this off my chest....drumroll please....

I present to you my NOT ME! Monday for this week. Jump on over to visit MckMama, the brain-child of this fun blog carnival.

I did not come home from my first day back to work since Christmas, nurse my baby girl, and then proceed to get majorly spit-up on by her....IN THE FACE and then down into the cleavage. It was most certainly not a mixture of vegetable beef dumplings and breastmilk and it was not totally disgusting and a wonderful "welcome home" after a long day of work.

I did not begin my planning of Haydens 1st birthday party by scouring etsy looking for just the "perfect" outfit, etc. to fit her birthday theme. My sweet girl can not possibly be 9 months old was just yesterday that she was born. I am not slightly obsessive, in case you haven't figured it out.

I did not struggle very hard to come up with any Not Me's this week and was to the point of just saying..."I don't have any"...then I realized I had already started this post with the previous not-me, at the beginning of last week, so that I wouldn't forget (which I obviously did).

I did not just take my tree down this past weekend January 10th and 11th)...and being that it was a live tree, it certainly did not look like this....

I do not still have Christmas cards to send out, some still un-addressed, some waiting for family pictures to be added.

I did not spend part of Friday "steam-mopping" my floors with my new steam-mop, only to have it all "destroyed" when the weather turned wet and snowy on Saturday. I did not proceed to have a mini-meltdown and go into a teary discussion with my husband about how a womans house is like a mans barn, that I take pride in my house, and that is why I want it clean, tidy, and nicely decorated....He did not think he married a total nutcase, and retreat to his barn for the afternoon. (probably a wise idea!)

And, John (my brother-in law, who is a faithful blog reader and the root cause of all my stress regarding NOT ME! Monday....I do not (really, I don't) have a "leakage" story for this week, but I'll see what I can pull off for next week....

That's all folks....until next week...or the next....


Oh, but please do read on.....(tears, tears, and more tears....)


I didn't get a good picture of her today, but thought I'd share this video...a prime example of what this poor girl has to put up below...


Miss Hayden is so much fun...I know I've said that before, but it's worth repeating. She is cutting tooth #5, waving (often with both hands), trying to say bye-bye, da-da, ba-ba, pa-pa. She's blowing raspberries and biting when she nurses. She's getting around for sure, but not crawling yet. The cutest thing is that when I sternly tell her "no!", at first it would startle her. Now, she cries like she has gotten her feelings hurt. It makes me sad, because I feel bad for hurting her feelings...however, the "headlights" would prefer that she leaves them attached! (did I really just type that???)



Just a couple notes to finish up...

Have I mentioned that I REALLY HATE computers. I know HATE is a strong word, but I'm talking about a "thing" not a

I just spent the last 2 (now, make that 4) hours trying to get that daggone video to upload. Persistent, I am...and I think I've got it...FINALLY!! I hope your enjoyment was worth the last 2 (again, now 4) hours of my if I have nothing else I need to be doing!


  1. Sorry Babe! When I click the video (which I can see a picture of) it tells me "oops no video"!

    Sorry! But at least I was READING YOUR BLOG!

  2. At least the video was good

  3. boy the tree does look quite sad... I am glad that you put it out of its misery!! Leslie