Sunday, November 30, 2008

I most certainly did not.....

I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since my last post. Last week, I just couldn't come up with any Not-me's. I sometimes think I need to carry a recorder with me so that when I DO NOT do something, I can just press a "record" button and tell the recorder so I'll remember. My life is funnier than I can sometimes recall! The last two weeks have been so chaotic that I just haven't had the time to think about blogging. I've been keeping up on the ones I follow, but just not doing my own- bad girl!

Well, I have come up with some not-me's this week and I hope you enjoy. I'm sure some of you reading can certainly relate, however any male reading, most certainly will not, so, males, read at your own risk!

Thanks to MckMama for hosting this fun, free therapy for all to enjoy! Check out her blog to see what she and MANY others DID NOT DO this week!

While helping at my sons Thanksgiving Party at school this week I most certainly did not realize shortly after arriving that I had forgotten to "pump" on the way to school (yes...I am known to pump while driving) Soon thereafter, I did not lean down to help my son with his craft only to hear him non-chalantly say "you're leaking", quite loudly, as he pointed to a wet spot on my shirt and then without hesitation continue on with his project. I most certainly was not slightly embarrassed and extremely cautious not to lower my arms and press too hard the rest of the party in fear of having a lot of explaining to do to a group of first graders! Nope, not me! It is Not my son who is entirely too educated on the subject of breastfeeding!

I most certainly did not leave home on black friday at 4:00 a.m. and not return until 7:27 p.m. (fifteen hours, 27 minutes...if you're trying to do the math) I did not leave my husband at home with the children while I shopped til' my hearts content in slight "revenge" for him leaving me with said children for 4 days this week to go hunting in Missouri. I would never seek any type of revenge against my hubby. Not me! While shopping on black friday, I did not win a contest at Target for the correct guess of the number of checkouts and I was not totally excited to win a gift bag full of food!

It was certainly not me who ate an entire Entemanns coffee cake (which I won in my Target bag) in two days. It really wasn't that big, but it wasn't me that finished it off before hubby came home from work this morning, and tucked it in the bottom of the trash can so that he wouldn't see it! No, that wasn't me either!

I did not watch as my 7 month old pulled herself up to standing position in her crib yesterday! She can't be this old already. I do not really want another baby and I am not at all mentioning this fact nearly every day in hopes of swaying hubby's feelings on the idea.

So, what did you not do? Tell me or tell everyone else. If you have a blog, visit MckMama's blog to find out how to join the fun!


  1. Way to many funny things i could say right here.

  2. Waay too funny, Susan! I too am a pumper while driving!! I think it's a talent!

    Have a great week!

  3. Great Not Me's Susan. I never pumped while driving but I was teaching first grade when I had my first two kids and had a couple of occasions when I had leaked and one of my students asked me why I was wet!