Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not- Me Monday!!!

Well, it's that time's NOT ME MONDAY courtesy of MckMama who hosts this blog carnival every Monday. I am beginning to look forward to it each week and this is only my third time. It is fun because every time something crazy or silly happens in my life, I think "This is definitely a NOT ME MONDAY item"!!! Hope you enjoy and get a good laugh, as I'm sure many of you can relate.

This week, amidst other crazy things I can't remember I most certainly DID NOT....

Unzip my Bible (actually Aaron opened it because I had little Miss) at church only to find a diaper stuffed inside. I'm sure God doesn't mind, at least I had my Bible at church because that doesn't ALWAYS get accomplished since having baby girl! I only have so many hands and I am NOT disorganized at all- NEVER!!!

This is one I'll forever remember...probably this will be my best memory of this election season. Get ready for a laugh, believe me, I wish I had video footage.

This is the in the house with Hayden. Harrison playing outside with 3 or 4 of the neighbor boys...HERE GOES....if you know me, it's best to close your eyes and visualize (well, you can't close your eyes and read at the same time)

Harrison comes running in the house yelling "Mommy...somebody just took our sign" (McCain/Palin)- note that this is the day after the election.

"What?" I think to myself..."Nuh uh, nobody is getting by with stealing MY election sign, even if they did lose" (visualize me doing the head-shake when I say "nuh,uh!!")

So I most certainly DID NOT proceed to...
1. Hand baby girl off to a boy (not sure which one)....I did think to myself- oh they'll be okay- I'll just be gone a sec.
2. Jump in my mini-van (Yep, I love my mini-van- I'm only 32 and on #3 mini-van)
3. Pump my fist out the window and say "GO MOMMY GO" only to hear the chant repeated by many boys, one of which is holding my 6 month old.
4. Race down the road (country road, speed limit 45) in pursuit of the red dodge with 3 teenage boys in it who "stole" my sign
5. Continue to speed down the road, calling my neighbor to tell her I just left my baby in the boys possession...."Oh, they're good with babies" she her calming voice.
6. Follow the truck apx. 4 miles eventually catching up with it, honking horn repeatedly, motioning for them to PULL OVER because I WANT MY SIGN BACK!!!! All the while 2 of the 3 are on their cell phones, potentially phoning the police to report a crazy "OLD" lady chasing them (after all, to a teenager, I could be considered old....)

So, now I know you're wondering what happened....
WELL......(drumroll please)

The boys pulled over and I pulled up beside them and asked if I could please have my sign back.
They were with the republican party.
picking up signs.
i just made a fool of myself.
i'm probably being talked about in high schools everywhere.
i recognized one boy.
he said he didn't recognize me.
thank God!!!

(my only question is this...why do they need the sign back???)

Now, after this excitement I definitely DID NOT race home and start my NOT ME MONDAY post just a few days early!!!!

Have a great week....
Join the fun, go here, follow the rules, and share what you DID NOT do this past week. TOP THAT!!!!

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  1. So funny. I took my signs down right after I heard "we" lost, so nobody would write "HA HA losers" on them.