Monday, November 3, 2008

not me monday!!!

It's NOT ME MONDAY TIME AGAIN and thanks to MckMama who is the talented blogger who came up with the idea, here goes... This was kind of a boring week!

Speaking of MckMama, I DID NOT get to "witness" one of God's modern-day miracles in the HEALTHY BIRTH of MckMama's baby, Stellan. (See previous post for info on WHY this was a miracle!!!)

I DID NOT just send a last-ditch e-mail in an effort to positively change or further solidify the choices that some will make at the polls tomorrow. I am NOT so very passionate about the abortion issue that I will NOT risk any good reputation I may have, to try to change someones mind.

I DID NOT "talk aggressively and vocally" to an older "gentleman" (I use this word lightly)- who became angry with another Mom and I who crossed in front of him in a parking lot. Apparently, he didn't know that pedestrians have the right-of-way. I DID NOT act like I was 16 again! NOT ME!!!

I DID NOT go to the grocery late Tuesday night (got home at 1:00 a.m.) and get up early Wednesday morning to prepare a dish to take to MOPS, only to realize that this wasn't a MOPS week!

I DID NOT sleep til' 11:15 on Thursday. (IT FELT REALLY GOOD!!!)
I DID NOT win my first "bloggy give-away" this week- what fun!!!!!

I DID NOT encourage or allow my son to sport this haircut to school this morning. I DID NOT tell him that if anyone says anything about it (good or bad) to state the following: "My Mommy said I could only keep it for a few days" because I am NOT one of those Moms that looks at other boys with this hair cut and says NOT MY CHILD!!! I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT allow my Dad to perform this haircut... and by the way, I don't know where the hand gestures come from- I think the neighbor boys...

So, what did you NOT DO this week? (What did you really do, but don't really want to admit? Come on, join the fun, it's free therapy!!!)


  1. Doesn't look like a boring week!! Looks like a lot of fun and laughs!! Good post!

  2. What a great list of Not-Me's. Made me laugh out loud. Your son's photos and brand new haircut are priceless. What kind of mother would we be if we did not encourage our kids to go against the grain and be different every so often? Great character builder and great Mom, I say!

    PS: I must know...what is MOPS? I have never heard of such a thing.