Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just a few Pictures for your Viewing Pleasure!!!

Here are a few pictures - really, just a few :) - The first are of our trip to Cincinnati over Fall Break. They had halloween festivities Saturday night including
a costume contest and trick-or-treating.Hayden LOVED the water. She liked going down the small slides with
her big brother holding on tightly!
Can you guess who the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Butterfly are???
Hayden just looked too cute in this picture! Notice how well she is sitting up these days!

I sure do LOVE these two! "Me want more babies!!!"
Hayden just loved helping out with the pumpkin carving. We decided the pumpkin insides would make a nice she tried it out and wasn't too thrilled.

Once again, we had to videotape Haydens first pumpkin carving- can't let her down.
The finished pumpkin product....You can't see it in the picture but our pumpkin is probably the only one around that has a fork sticking out the side...don't ask- just one word- Harrison.

I was glad Halloween fell on a Friday this year.
It wasn't so rushed and we were able to take it slow.

This is Miss Hayden after our very first stop...

it's gonna be a long night for her. Sleepy Little Butterfly.

Since 6 month olds can't have candy, Hayden was given a doll baby from Papaw and Nana Kemp that used to be mine. She seemed to like it. I can't wait to watch her "mother".

Papaw and Nana Kemp with the kids. This was our last stop of the night. We stayed and played Wii Fit and had dessert. Lots of fun.

These next 3 are my attempt at Haydens 6 month pictures- I am going to attempt to do some editing (specifically the spit-up on her sleeve) and see how they turn out. I love her bibs soooooo much. The day I took these pictures, she and I had been to Holiday Mart in Indy- everyone, and I mean everyone commented about how cute she was and how stylin her little bibs were. I'm glad, because I spent lots of time obsessing about them :)

I love her profile.

I know I'm prejudice, but isn't she the cutest little doll baby!

So- now I believe I am up to date on my photos. Just in time to take MORE!!!

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  1. I loved these pics. Tried to send them on from the e-mail but no one got them :( :(. Love, mom