Monday, November 17, 2008

Not-me Monday!!!

Therapy time everyone!!! What did you NOT DO this week. Visit MckMamas' blog to find out what others DID NOT DO this week- I tell ya what, it makes you realize how normal you really are- which is a good thing!

Once again, I can not remember lots of the things I DID NOT DO this past week. The days go by too fast and my mind is too busy to remember. But, these few things made an impression on me, mostly #1....

I did not rock my already 7 month old daughter to sleep one night, with tears running down my face, thinking about how the time has flown. She should not be 7 months old already, she was just born. I do not think daily how my children are growing so fast. I do not wish time would just stand still. I do not breathe in every smell wishing I could remember it forever. I do not delight in every moment, seriously most every moment, wishing it too would never fade from memory....

I did not begin to cry during communion at church Sunday when I saw a newborn, thinking how I really don't want to be done having babies. The fact that I may be, does not hurt at all....

I did not wear baby spit-up all day, every day this week. My sweet little lady is not the biggest spitter-upper I have ever known, and it is not even worse now that she is eating foods that have color.

I did not promise to go eat lunch with my 1st grader today, only to wish later I'd not made that promise, as I didn't want to get out in the cold.

I did not join facebook this week. Need I say more...(see previous post) I am not totally excited to be finding childhood friends, and I did not send my brother-in-law a "virtual pancreas" via facebook just for fun!

I did not begin another project inside my house, with so many unfinished. I would not do that. I do not feel a need to be changing things in my house often.

I did not totally enjoy a Mom's night out with friends from MOPS this week. Every Mom needs those fun nights of laughter and fellowship.

And- true confession time, I did not borrow $ from my 7 year old this week to get by til payday. (shhh...don't tell him!)

Have a great week!


  1. Came over from Mckmama's! You made me laugh so hard at your last not me! I have never borrow from the kids money until payday either! Nope, Not me!

  2. I'm impressed with this! It takes a lot of work to make these lists!

  3. I cry over my kids too. I just try to cherish every moment.
    I feel for you on the spit-up. My oldest stopped spitting up around 6 months (once we started solids). You might check with the pediatrician. My son was put on zantac for reflux when he was a newborn...don't know if that could be a problem with Hayden.

  4. I love your post Susan! You are such a sweet and fun gal! I am so blessed to have gotten to know you. Now get to your dad's house and start painting. That Wii is calling your name :)