Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Very First "NOT ME MONDAY"

I am so excited to be entering into the NOT ME MONDAY world! It's going to feel so good to confess all the things I didn't do....

So where does NOT ME MONDAY come from? Well...There is a great Mom named "MckMama" who has a fun blog and I am addicted to reading it. She's having baby #4, Stellan, in 2 days. We are all praying for a healthy baby boy, as he's had some heart issues, but as of late he has been looking good. She does this fun thing called NOT ME MONDAY - it's basically a confessional of all the embarrassing, unbelieveable, funny things that we DID NOT do ( which actually we DID do)- so it's kind of like opposite day. I can't wait to join the fun, so here goes....

This week I most certainly DID NOT do the following:

I DID NOT send my son to go to school without underwear, only realizing this after he had boarded the bus... I DID NOT see his underwear lying on my bed when I returned to my room
when I DID NOT go back to bed!!! (Boy, do I enjoy those last few minutes of snoozing)- I DID NOT pray all day that no little girls would pull his pants down at recess- which apparently was attempted at the beginning of the school year)

I can't believe that I DID NOT drive to the barn with my dead cat, MIRACLE- God rest her soul- in a trashbag on the roof of my van. I DID NOT drive VERY SLOW so that she would not fall off....poor kitty!

I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT stick one of Aarons socks in my bra to serve as a makeshift nursing pad when I ran out one morning (I know John, my bro-in-law, this is way too much for you to handle!!- but I LOVE IT because you actually read my blog)

I most certainly DID NOT buy Harrison something at the aquarium only to buy Hayden a mere postcard for her scrapbook. I DID NOT say "She's the 2nd child"....NOT ME- I'm a second child- I Would NOT do that!!!!

I DID NOT give in to Harrisons pleads to eat a Nutty Bar for breakfast simply because I didn't feel up to a fight.

I DID NOT allow Harrison to say the "B" word just one time after he read it on a bumper sticker. I DID NOT decide to let him say it just so he wouldn't want to - I DID NOT tell him to never say it again!! (Mom, Dad- I really did tell him never to say it again....)

I DID NOT awake Thursday morning to Aaron and Harrison telling me that their treestand broke with Harrison in the tree and Aaron climbing up (they usually use a safety harness but didn't have it on yet). I DID NOT hear them tell me that Aaron fell to the ground, jumped up, and caught Harrison in a 16-20 foot fall. Sidenote- Praise God that they weren't hurt because this could've been VERY bad!

And lastly, I DID NOT think all week about what specifically I was going to admit to NOT doing!!! I DID NOT think after every time I DID NOT do something stupid that I could put it on my NOT ME MONDAY- I DID NOT obsess about it!

Is this fun or what? You can join the fun next Monday!!!! However, there are things I still can't bear to admit....I have a ways to go!

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  1. Dear Harrison -- Tell your daddy he is too old to be playing superman, but that we are glad he caught you! I am sure Nana will say "be careful" so I don't have to say that! Love you - Have a great week at school!!

    Dear Hayden -- Congrats on your tooth! Maybe you will be ready for some yummy cinnamon rolls or peanut butter (probably not allowed yet) balls at Christmas! XOXO