Monday, October 6, 2008

Feeling Bloggalicious!!

So- what do you you notice anything new about my blog? Yes- I am learning to do a few nifty things. I love being able to be a little creative with it. Now if I could just find some cute, free template with flowers or something I would be all set. You'll notice the music...In the upper right corner are little calendars that say how old Harrison and Hayden are (personalized to my farmboy and girly-girl)...Let's see, what else- oh my list of blogs that I follow. I tell you- it is addicting. One blog leads to another. It's a great way to see how normal you really are!

We had a yucky weekend- snotty nose time is here at our house- and Aaron had the stomach bug- so we spent much of the pretty weekend inside. I actually didn't even go to Hancock County's fall social event, Riley Days- not even one time! (what is happening to me?) We did finally manage to get the TV hooked up (another thing off the never-ending to-do list)! I feel a sense of accomplishment (even though I didn't do it).

Hayden "enjoys" her first veggie - green beans- yummy! Harrison did a nice job building a Lincoln Log Cabin all by himself!
Lastly, tonight Hayden fell asleep in her highchair while having her cereal. I saw it coming as it gradually became harder for her to keep her eyes open. It took me back to the day when Harrison did the very same thing. Where does the time go? (SOBBING) By the way- the bowl is really NOT as big as her head!


  1. Ok Susan...I'm WAAAY impressed. SO help me out. How do you add the music? And the age counters? So cute and I want to tooo!!!!

  2. Love the new blog! You're so accessorized! You'll have to tell me how to do it!