Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This is too funny not to share with my blog-followers... Take a look at what happens when I take a phone call while attempting to give Hayden her cereal (I say attempting because she was not interested in it tonight)....

Big Brother is the culprit of this huge mess! Like there was any doubt...
This just absolutely cracks me up!!! She's like "what on earth has he done to me- is this some type of baby facial???"

Here she appears totally disgusted with this 7 year old human....

I finally attempted to begin developing all the pictures I've taken since Hayden was about 3 weeks old or so...they've been sitting in my camera and now that I've gotten my albums (I have to have the same album every time and once again ebay came through for me and I finally found them). Today at walgreens I managed to print 55 of them- there were many more but I tried to be reasonable and not print them all because on my other memory card, I'm up to 500+ pictures that need reviewed and chosen for printing. I love pictures!! I have to have the real thing tho- I can't do just a CD. Harrison loves to look at photos and I'm sure Hayden will also. My goal is to be totally equal (Harrison has 13 albums of pictures so far)....I've always given my poor Mom heck about how there is less of me in photos and videos so I vow that I will keep equality between my two children :) I also have found the album that I want to put all of Haydens "birth" and hospital pictures in so that is now on the project list!

I must confess that I have a new addiction! (Add it to the list that includes scouring ebay and etsy, diet coke, and McD's choc chip cookies) My new addiction is looking at other peoples blogs!!! I've read some real heartbreaking ones tonight- ones from families who have lost babies- they are families that knew that their babies would not live outside the womb for long- without a miracle- yet they chose to carry their baby instead of terminate. I am so thankful to my God that He blessed me with two beautiful, healthy children. Yet, deep down, I am fearful that in the blink of an eye that could all change. So, every day, I pray for the safety and health of my children, husband, loved ones, and for people I don't even know. I don't know how I could endure what many of them have endured...but in reading them there is one constant and that is that they all love God and lean on Him through all their sorrow.


I'm going to get political for a minute. I know things aren't good in our economy...I know we are in a war in Iraq that is proving very difficult to get out of...I know all of this. This is the thing tho- bottom line for me- I will never vote for someone who is pro-choice. I will always vote for the candidate (running for any political office) who will fight to protect human life beginning at conception. I will always vote for the candidate who will fight to protect the sanctity of marriage between a man and woman. This past weekend while at Wal-mart in the line, Harrison noticed the PEOPLE magazine with Clay Aiken on the front (do you follow me?) He wanted to look at it because it had a picture of a baby. Being that he is becoming a very good reader, I could not let him look at it. This angered me so much- you bet PEOPLE got an editorial e-mail from me! I am not ready to explain these things to him even though I know the day will come- just how do you explain this lifestyle to a little one? Let me be clear, I am not the judge of anyone who chooses to live this way- so please don't think I sound hateful. I know that God loves everyone. And lastly... Harrison was about 3 weeks old on September 11th, 2001~ and what those evil people did that day changed my life forever. Therefore, I am all for doing whatever has to be done to protect our country from future attacks. At the same time, I am thankful for those who serve our country and help to protect us and their families who also sacrifice while their loved ones are serving.

I think that's all my rambling for tonight. Though I don't write nearly as well and eloquently as some the the bloggers I'm following do, this is a great way to share my life and simply say what I want to say. I've gotten several emails from people saying they've read my blog but I would love for you to leave a comment. To do this you simply click on the "comments" link at the end of the entry. Leave your comment and just select anonymous- you can sign your name to your comment so I'll know who you are- or if you disagree with me, you can remain anonymous!!!

Have a great night all!

(by the way- I promise I will quit entering such long entries- I just like to talk- so therefore, I like to blog!)

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