Thursday, September 4, 2008

My first Post

I'm inspired! Today I got an email from my cousin Joy, letting us all know she now has a blog.
This is something I've been contemplating since a friend from MOPS recently had twins and I discovered while checking out her blog, that lots of other moms I know also have a blog. I just can't imagine finding the time to post pictures and write a note- even though the idea seems fun. Apparently, I'm really behind with the times. So then Joy, who has a new baby boy, along with 2 other little boys under 4, shows up with a blog and I thought....okay if she has time for this, then I surely do. So, here goes- we'll see if I can keep up with it.

I'm going to sum up the last couple weeks to catch up...

Harrison is not real excited about first grade. We have homework plus spelling every night and he'd much rather be playing with the neighbor boys or hanging out with Daddy than "studying". Mean old Mama makes him sit at the table and do his "studies"!!
He decided to play football and his first real game is Saturday- can't wait for that! Monday was opening day of goose hunting season and Aaron and a friend- one from his "hunting chat room" buddies- that's right- he hunts with guys he met on the internet :)- took Harrison with them. Mom and Dad witnessed Harrison learning to "filet" a goose- yummy! Now there are feathers all over our yard- poor goose! But, I can't complain because Aaron is making great memories with our boy!

How many 7 year old boys do you know that ask for "waders" for their birthday? ONE! My little hunter, Harrison! (it's in his genes!!!)

I really can't believe my little boy is 7 years old- where does the time go?

Hayden is our little sweetie pie! Oh my goodness- she is so much fun and I don't know what I ever did without her! Harrison LOVES her SO much! He does diapers even! Lately, he has been reading books to her- I love watching them interact! She is smiling lots, rolling over, and "talking" ALOT!

Our little smiley girl- just like her Daddy- again it's in her genes! But she gets the jabber jaws from her mama! We are all so crazy about her. God is so Good!!!

I'm so proud of myself- I think I did it! It only took 2+ hours for this first post-in between watching the speeches of the convention and a few visits to the "help" section. I think I'm good to go! Watch out blogging- here I come!!!

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  1. Let Papaw be the first ... GREAT BLOG. Post pictures of Hank cutting up the goose.

    Love Dad