Sunday, September 14, 2008

Grandma Loves Breastmilk!!!

Just had to share a funny story....
Tonight Mom and Dad came by for a few minutes and I decided to give Hayden her cereal.
So, Mom was holding her while I spooned it to her and a little dropped on Moms hand. Before I knew it, Mom was tasting the cereal , at which time she said "I'll taste it" to which I replied "uhh, it's mixed with my breastmilk!" You probably had to be there but it was kind of funny! I think Mom was a little grossed out- I said "oh I have to blog this" and of course she said "oh no." Then Harrison wanted a taste, but I refrained!!!

So, heres to you Mom, lover of my breastmilk!!!

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  1. Please note - I was NOT the daughter who posted such a story about Mom!

    Love, D