Sunday, October 26, 2008

A great weekend!!

We had a great "mini-cation" this weekend ~ the first as a family of four! We left Friday morning and went to Cincinnati to a Sheraton that has an indoor water park. We had a fun time there, of course Harrison loved it and Hayden REALLY had a good time! It was so fun to watch her splash and kick her feet. We even took her under a couple times hoping that she'll continue to love water the way Harrison has. My first time down one of the enclosed waterslides I hit my head on the bottom of the pool when I came out of the tube~ so it was my only time down the slides! I let Aaron have the pleasure of repeatedly climbing the stairs to the top even though I could've used the exercise~ I had to take care of Hayden of course, so it wasn't the stairs or the pounding in my head that kept me from the slides.... I really did delight in watching both of them have such fun. That night, they had some special Halloween events like trick-or-treating, coloring and costume contests, pumpkin painting, etc. (We are holding out for a win in the costume contest so we can go back to the waterpark again)

Saturday morning we slept in (well, we tried but Harrison kept on his school schedule and woke up earlier than we would have liked). After 2 illegal U-Turns, We made it to the Newport Aquarium, which was lots of fun. Harrison liked the penquins and otters the best, and I have to agree. He'd been there once before, but didn't remember that trip *he was still in my belly :)~ * He thinks he can remember it though! On the way back, we had to stop at Bass Pro Shops for the boys and I treated Hayden to a new pair of $10 shoes ;) SO CUTE- she really needed them! really....

We went back to the hotel and swam- all of us- Hayden again loved it but what was the best was her laughter watching Harrison and some other boys playing in the pool. It is HILARIOUS and I LOVE to watch her take in everything her big brother does. We need to start impressing on him how much of an influence he is going to be on her.

Saturday night we went to IKEA!!! It was our second time there- Okay, let me re-phrase. Hayden and I went to IKEA...Aaron and Harrison stayed in the van watching hunting movies for a while and then joined us towards the end. We had a nice meal at Max and Ermas (our favorite) and then came back to the hotel arcade $$$$$. They did have a Deal or No Deal game and my favorite Skeeball !!! In all we came home with fang teeth, a parachute sling-shot, a care-bear figurine, and a "pop" toy- don't want to think about what those little pieces of plastic cost us- but oh well, making memories........oh, and we got another "eye patch" too!

Before bed last night, I was feeling in Haydens mouth and discovered her FIRST TOOTH was peeking through (SOBBING) baby is growing up.

Sunday we left and drove to Jeffersonville, OH to a Pottery Barn outlet. I left with two wipeable baby bibs- all that they had and that's what I walk out with- disappointing- so for all of you who think I am a shop-a-holic >>> I am a bargain-a-holic and apparently there weren't enough bargains for me there!

Got home around 4:30- boys are goose hunting and Hayden just finished a jar of prunes-- yummy!- glad I work tomorrow and won't have diaper duty!!!

I plan to post some pictures from our weekend but for now, use your imagination because the camera is in the van and it's too doggone COLD and WINDY!! Fall is in the air!

Be sure to check in tomorrow for my first NOT ME MONDAY!!!!!

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