Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

We all know there are things we do each day, each week, that we are just too chicken to admit. NOT ME! I'll pretty much tell you all about the crazy things I do or the things I'm ashamed of, because it's just who I am. And, because I know I'm not alone, I join in on MckMama's blog carnival every now and then and admit the few silly things I can actually remember that I did. I know there are so many in fact that I can't ever remember them!

But, this week, just when I thought all hope was lost and that once again I was going to have to skip Not Me! Monday, I received a phone call from my wonderful neighbor, Rebecca. The call went something like this.

Rebecca: (in a timid voice) "Susan"

Me: (in a voice that can tell something is wrong) "What's wrong? he covered in mud?"

Rebecca: "no, worse"

Me: "poop?" (in a yucky, frightened to hear a response voice)

Rebecca: "no, worse"

Me: "what?"

Rebecca: "what animal comes out when it's sunny?" (a bit of trivia I was unaware of)

Me: "a skunk???" (in a not-so-nice mama voice)

Yep, that's right...I did NOT get a phone call saying that Harrison had been sprayed by a skunk!

Surely, my son is smart enough not to go anywhere near a skunk.

Or not.

Fast forward to Harrisons' arrival home at which time I did NOT make him strip down to his birthday suit right there on the front porch and proceed to "grill" him about what on earth he was thinking!

Apparently, he is not knowledgeable about skunks yet?

Well, at least he wasn't.

Until now.

I did NOT proceed to wash him in a tomato sauce shower, somewhat delighting in the fact that he was a bit chilly when the cold tomato sauce hit his warm skin. I did NOT have the thought that that he is totally getting what he deserves!

Needless to say, it could have been much, much worse. I didn't lose my temper and Harrison doesn't smell too bad. Actually, I didn't smell it on anything but his boots.

His brand new boots.

The ones I told him to take off!

And, I did NOT talk "big" to Rebecca in my initial anger about how he was going to get a spanking for disobeying. I told him to change into his old cowboy boots, but he did not. I did NOT totally believe his blubbering, crying little self when he said "I forgot", because made obvious by my lack of remembering what I can potentially use for not me's obvious his forgetfulness is hereditary!


I am totally NOT obsessing with the planning of Haydens' 1st Birthday, which I can't believe will be here in a matter of weeks. I did NOT schedule myself, in writing, to have a "day of crying" on her actual birthday. I would NOT be sad about my baby girl turning one, and I surely am NOT thinking about it already. That would be obsessive, and I am NOT obsessive, and I will NOT surely pay for it when it's all said and done! I did NOT add over 20 dresses to my "favorites" on ETSY, that I like for her "birthday dress", as that too would be obsessive!


So, I know it wasn't that exciting, but at least it was something! What did you NOT do this week?

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  1. great not me monday and the call about the skunk was funny.

  2. What a Monday, I bet you needed a Diet Coke? I was not playing Mom in the middle, I had a doc appt. I totally would have moved seats :)